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10 Biggest Expenses in Baby\'s First Year

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-28
Congratulate you on the countdown!
You\'re having a baby!
It is natural to be excited about the birth of a child, and it is also a good idea to be financially prepared.
According to the US Department of Agriculture, the total cost of raising a child born to 17 years old in 2013 is $245,340.
The average cost for the first year is about $13,000, which does not even include the cost of delivery [source: USDA]. Fret not.
We \'ve put together a list of the main ways you spend money in the first year of your baby\'s birth, in the order in which costs go from low to high.
There are several ways to prepare and find save using this list.
Then you can go back to something fun like thinking about baby names.
Babies need stimulation and parents definitely need a way to keep their children entertained while cooking, cleaning or at least taking a shower.
The baby\'s first year toy was designed to learn and stimulate the senses.
With or without music, bright-colored mobile phones hang carefully on the baby bed for your child to see and listen to, which will be one of the first things your child cherishes.
When your baby grows in the first year, add soft plush animals to the hug, add blocks when building or dropping (
Sometimes throw, swing for physical exercise, and use gadgets in the activity center to turn, grab, turn on and off. Top-of-the-
Bought brand new line toys that can be very demanding on old bank accounts, but many toys with very good shapes can be found in children\'s consignment sales or from friends and family.
If you think about it in advance, you can also add them to your baby registry so that family and friends can help your child have fun.
Whether you\'re going with designer furniture and gear that cost thousands of pounds, or going to family, friends, and consignment shops to provide you with clothing with gently used items, once your child comes here, some things are hard to do.
The typical item needed for Out nursery is the crib (
Mattresses, sheets and blankets included)
, Change desk, baby monitor, decor, vanity and rocking chair.
There are things like cribs and bedding that you would like to buy new if possible, so buy the sale of these items.
Something that is not worn out, such as a table change or dresser, can usually be found in a garage sale or consignment store at a much lower cost than the new one.
Without a car seat, your child cannot leave the hospital or the delivery center.
Other equipment you would like to consider includes miscellaneous items such as strollers, baby bathtubs and nail clippers, towels and diaper bags.
You may be lucky to have siblings, cousins, or friends who pass on clothes, or you may get a lot of such items when the baby takes a shower.
If not, you may be shocked by the sticker if you have tried to put on designer clothing for your child from the beginning.
Babies are messy creatures and you can count on having to change clothes once or twice a day or more.
Before they get a chance to put them on, they also grow quickly and sometimes more than anything else.
Some of the methods on this necessities that will never be saved
The final category includes shopping in consignment or thrift stores, as well as buying larger sizes than the final needof-season sales.
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