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5 awesome vehicles for the extremely wealthy (and insane)

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-12
In movies, video games, and comic books, rich super villains always have a huge floating, flying, or rolling nest armed with lasers, equipped with a lot of protective equipment, and clutter with gadgets and escape pods.
It\'s ridiculous, right?
After all, who would make expensive cars to sell to the super villain population?
Ask who built it. . . 5The 550-
Foot Laser YachtRussians good
It is mainly known for producing large products such as beverages, bombs and Ivan Drago.
But there is a Russian who is famous for his great advantage. ass boats.
His name is Abu, who owns the world\'s largest private yacht, \"Eclipse,\" which, by the way, James Bond villain would think \"too much\"the-top.
\"Almost as long as two football fields (557 feet)and has a .
It also has radar and armored windows. -
This is our favorite part. -.
Laser is a new innovation in the field of high-tech. end craziness.
According to reports, the system works by automatically detecting electronic light sensors inside any nearby camera and emitting high levels
It sends a strong beam that destroys its ability to take pictures.
Okay, but if (
Probably through decades of ninja training), camera-Missile-
Pirates of the paparazzi managed to enter the yacht?
Well, in this case, Abramovich could simply walk into the room he kept for these occasions.
It will fall 160 feet into the water, protecting him and his 29-year-
The old wife was not hurt.
What kind of disaster can you survive in this matter? Alien invasion? Meteor? Nuclear war?
This guy will sit on the deck of his floating palace, watch it and eat caviar.
Forget the zombie apocalypse--
He did not notice this until he was told.
It is true that it may not be of much use in a world where this does not really happen, but you cannot have all of this.
In addition, he spent only $1. 2 (with a ).
Luxury tanks from four companies turned SUVs into armored vehicles. . .
However, if your needs are less \"protected\", it is more \"destroying the Autobots \"(
You are willing to buy a car for $150,000)
, You can also select other options.
For example, custom-
It\'s actually an armored limousine.
Although it does look like a limousine inside (
Leather seats, LCD screen and bar). . . . . .
It looks closer to the tank: the armor horse can comfortably accommodate 25 people. . .
If they are bored, they can simply start shooting pedestrians.
By the way, this is a real thing.
Armor horses are not just defensive (
It is covered with bullet plate);
It is also an offensive weapon that can be used to cause damage and destruction on its roads.
It has two Escape Hatch as a skylight in case you want to install death ray or something on it.
We know what you\'re thinking: a wise question, a question we ask ourselves every morning.
Fortunately, there are other vehicles on the market that can meet our needs: even the name of that beast causes fear:
The plated door makes it basically indestructible.
$200,000 is very practical for millionaires who like to spend their time in war zones.
Speedboat Batman wants him to be sure that if you want to have a party while conquering the world, the floating luxury yacht that comes back at 5 is probably your best choice.
But maybe you want a yacht equivalent to a sports car. -
When a secret agent is chasing you on his jet ski plane, something will fly to the horizon.
This is where my angel came in.
From a scientific point of view, this is the most awesome speedboat ever.
Seriously, look at what Wikipedia has told us;
It can use two 540-
The horsepower engine, plus it has a tank large enough to cover threeand-a-
Half a thousand miles at a time.
Eight people can do it in a double bed inside.
Fortunately, the ship has not yet fallen into the hands of Lex Luthers in the world.
Its last owner is part of the Association for the protection of the Guardians of the sea, also known as the people-
The guys fighting Japanese whalers everywhere.
Yes, this is real. Life duty officer
Yes, they used to play music at whalers.
We spoke in the past because unfortunately the ship sank in January 2010.
You can take comfort from the death of a hero.
Or at least it died while filming a reality show.
It will come back: donors who build Ady Gil 2, so they only need $1.
Pay 5 million more to buy a new one.
Bullet 580 airship, airship.
Super villain vehicle.
We \'ve seen at least one Bond villain working around one of them. . . . . .
So is Pixar\'s villain. . . . . . and .
Damn, how is zeppelin so bad?
This brings us 580 bullets. It\'s a 23-story-
High airships, although you might think that in real life, it\'s hard to complete more overtaking on a vehicle that can be shot down by a bird with a particularly sharp mouth, it\'s just because you don\'t know the details.
The bullet 580 is made of a new type of Kefla fiber, which is 10 times stronger than steel in terms of impact resistance.
You can shoot a shell at that thing and it won\'t leave a dent.
But this is just the beginning.
The design of the airship said, \"In addition, it can carry up to 2,000 pounds of the equipment (
Or 12 armed party members).
Enough time to scare away your enemies and possibly conquer a small country. Also, .
So we\'re basically a huge bullet flying in the air at 80 miles an hour, covered with an oversized body-armor ---
Perfect bullet HQ-
Batman-themed villain
Manufacturers claim it was made for missions such as homeland security and disaster relief. -
But for anyone with enough cash, they also like to spend cash on crazy things (
$300,000 per month,). 1Full-
You can live in the middle of the sea.
No, we\'re not talking about floating houses. -
That would be stupid.
We are talking about a huge underwater mansion that can cross the Atlantic Ocean.
This is actually a submarine, but it is much larger than most submarines: 213 feet long, with a total residential area of 5,000 square feet.
This is twice the size of an ordinary American house.
The Phoenix has four decks, including ample salons and observation points, but its terrible endurance has allowed it to enter the territory of paranoid super villains.
It can sink and the oxygen supply can last for 40 days.
You can survive another flood in this matter.
If you feel bored inside all day, or you need to dump some bodies that no one can find, you can take a smaller submarine attached to this thing.
We mean smaller submarines.
The only drawback of Phoenix 1000 is that if the builder (U. S. Submarines)
I built one.
Is it because the only buyer so far is the type that values privacy (
For example, pay attention to the gorgeous arms dealers of world rule by flooding the world\'s major cities)
Or some guess, because no one forks over the $78 million price tag.
All we know is that if we buy these things,
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