newborn mattress foam manufacturers, infant mattress foam factory, baby mattress materials company
newborn mattress foam manufacturers, infant mattress foam factory, baby mattress materials company

OPeREAL have designed and produced a new material which from baby nipple material, the new material was formed by specific production process and made into a honeycomb material, we named it "mesh food grade silicone rubber", It owned all pros of previous beddings materials.

Advantages of Mesh Silicone Rubber Material

To compare with memory foam and latex material

1. Good resilience: Slower than latex, strong support we can adjust elasticity as required. Immutable form forever.

2. Excellent antibacterial and anti-mite: The inhibition rate of dust mite is as high as 99%.

3. 100% environmentally: Use the food-grade silicone material approved by the US FDA. In addition, the silicone materials are inert and stable, so it will not affected by external factors.

4. Strong air permeability: Mesh structure, no heat storage.

5. Excellent water permeability: Directly filtered water, hand washing, machine washing, hang to dry.

6. Good temperature resistance: Can be within the range -55~100℃ for a long time use. max limit of heat resistance up to 200 degrees. Wide range of use, can adapt to all kinds of harsh environment.

7. Good hygroscopicity and permeability: The honeycomb structure, excellent breathability.

8. Non-toxic: High quality food-grade materials, safety and no irritating odor.

9. Washable: It can be washed by hand or machine, unique mesh structure, squeeze dry directly after washing and air dry immediately in ventilated place.Waterproof.

10. Excellent aging resistance: It will turn slightly yellow after long use. But the performance will not be affected.

11. Excellent anti allergy: skin-friendly material, can directly touch the skin

Mesh Food-Grade Silicone Rubber Material, bed pillows foam factory, rubber pillows foam company

Applications of Mesh Silicone Rubber Material

New and 100% Eco-friendly foam materials for mattress, pillows, sofa etc.

Newborn Pillow

Color Newborn Pillow with eco-friendly foam

Adult Pillow

Adult Pillow with Mesh Food-Grade Silicone Rubber Materials

Infant Crib Mattress

Infant Crib foam Mattress

Topper Mattress

Mesh Food-Grade Silicone Rubber Material Topper Mattress

Why Choose OPeREAL

OPeREAL is a professional manufacturer of mesh silicone rubber materials (new eco-friendly foam materials) in China since 2001.


Our factory produce according to ISO9001:2008 standard, and has 8000 square meter modern workshop, with nearly 100 workers. Our mesh silicone rubber materials are exported to more than 80 countries.


To protect our research, OPeREAL patent it from the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and can authorize patent protection in 150 major countries around the world. The material has passed the ROHS, FDA, evaluation for anti-mite activity, Antimicrobial activity test through the SGS test laboratory.


OPeREAL has a complete and advanced production line, automatic CNC cutting equipments, foaming molding machines, quality testing equipments etc.


Professional R&D team and 100% strict quality control for mesh silicone rubber materials for mattress, pillows, sofa etc.

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