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A New Dad\'s Advice on Coping With Sleep Deprivation

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-31
In fact, every parent of a newborn has one thing in common: complete and complete lack of sleep.
Unhealthy, unsafe, unpleasant to imagine.
There is no advantage of traveling, it is time difference.
In the early days of parenting, lack of sleep will be the reason why you may find yourself admitting to your spouse or partner that you didn\'t want a child from the beginning.
To make matters worse, the child is the lover between the mother and the postman.
Whenever someone with a child learns about pregnancy, they inevitably say, \"sleep while you can.
\"This is probably the most low-key advice any parent can expect until the first person experiences the feeling of raising a newborn ---
Lack of sleep associated with it-
By definition, you create a new human being who, in theory, will be like one or both of his parents and, therefore, the process taxes the physical, psychological and hormonal systems ---
First of all, these are fragile. Nothing --
In addition to keeping the sky blue, the hum of the refrigerator is bigger at night than during the day ---
Is it what you used to be after you entered life? partum.
This is due to the new \"dependency \"(
Bonus: Baby is a writingoff)
, He is only a few days, weeks or months old and has no ability to work independently and therefore relies entirely on his parents (and then some)to live.
Is your feeling somewhere between the beating of your gut and your head?
This is the so-called \"survival mode \".
\"It\'s basically a plateau reaction caused by anxiety, panic and not knowing how to deal with yourself or your child.
Some tips to survive as a new parent in the first few weeks: 1.
There are 24 hours a day, and every hour is a fair game to take care of newborns ---so if your pre-
For example, the sleeping mode of a baby is a banana, imagine putting the banana in a blender and pressing the \"liquid\" button.
This is your new sleep mode so know this-
This can at least explain why you do stupid things like putting ground coffee beans in your cereal bowl and putting cereal in your coffee machine.
The more you think about it now, the less it will upset you when you have a sip of cereal coffee. 2.
Don\'t be shy about asking for help.
It\'s better to be from someone who has done it before.
This is where families come in handy.
In the past, \"one village\" actually meant that villagers would come together to help take care of the newest members of the family or tribe who needed the most help.
Today\'s version may be someone who arrives at her feeding chair via a long enough cell phone charging cord to help a new mom, take care of the chores like a pile of clothes big enough to ski down, or supplies for diapers and their clothing. 3.
For husband and wife, take responsibility or divide and conquer together.
During the night (
Until the day)
There are three basic tasks: feeding, hiccups and changing diapers.
If there are two people around, none of the three things should be done by one person.
If you\'re flying alone, look at the second one. 4.
Set up a small \"sleeping area\" for yourself and your partner as much as you can so that you can take advantage of any moment (
They will only be moments)
When sleep is feasible.
Invest in a good eye mask so you can sleep during the day or when the lights are on.
There is a reason why fancy airline etiquette kits include eye masks: because they work, wearing them can at least reach a mouth-watering REM sleep cycle.
Also, bring plenty of water, earplugs, comfy pillows and blankets with you.
Throw the habit of your phone or tablet on the bed as the blue light from the electronic device disrupts your sleep cycle of the day, not to mention when you crave a few minutes of precious sleep. 5.
Turn off both alcohol and drugs.
Drinking can make it harder for your brain to fall asleep.
If you find yourself saying \"I need a drink or two\", you will, do yourself a favor and replace the wine, beer or tequila you desire with water or tea.
It is essential to keep moisture.
Getting drunk when you don\'t get enough sleep is like running a marathon in ski boots. 6.
There are two important lessons about diapers: first, you can\'t overstock. Impossible.
Babies, especially newborns, will experience more diapers than you think.
Second, learn how to close your eyes in less than 20 seconds, put one hand behind your back, and change dirty diapers. Need practice?
You have 92,000 chance to do it well.
Make a check list and publish it near the change table-
Just like the pilot kept the check list in the cockpit. -
Because making a mistake or having a problem with changing diapers is like trying to land a plane without landing gear.
It will definitely end up hurting and it will redefine the term \"slip mark \". \"7.
Be very careful in the kitchen and/or in the operation of heavy machinery (Including a car).
Lack of sleep affects response time, judgment, and deep perception.
Don\'t cut vegetables if you don\'t need them-
You need as many fingers as you can to change diapers. 8. Stay positive!
Things are getting better.
If all goes well, your child will grow up and will no longer be a baby. -
Your lack of sleep will then be the result of countless other reasons for new drivers, first appointments or parents\' anxiety in the family.
Alcohol and/or drugs may be wise at this point ---in moderation.
It\'s worth overcoming the challenges of newborns--
Or at least that\'s what we said.
In theory, it\'s well worth it, and when you get used to it, your newborn becomes a toddler and you want to do it again.
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