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A Nora a day, keeps the snoring away

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-06
In addition to the ugly stretch marks, strange food cravings and the overall feeling, there is another adverse effect on weight gain during pregnancy --
Saw logs during sleep.
I \'ve been 29 weeks and have gone up about 20 pounds-
From the point of view of all intentions and purposes, it is in 25-
35 pounds from start to finish
But this is the biggest time in my life.
As a result, I found it uncomfortable to sleep unless I sat on my left side and squeezed a pillow between my legs.
Sleep specialist doctor
St. Christopher Lee.
Sleep clinics at Michael\'s Hospital say snoring occurs as long as someone\'s airway is damaged in some way.
\"If you think your airway is a bit like a subway, the subway is supported by a bunch of muscles.
\"The muscles relax when you sleep at night,\" he said . \".
\"The airway has a tendency to collapse on its own and can cause turbulence in the airflow.
What we hear is snoring in the air.
My husband said I\'m not used to snoring.
Clearly, snoring is accompanied by obesity and pregnancy, which leads to excess bulky tissue in your throat that vibrates when you breathe the air during sleep time, leading to snoring.
Genetic factors can lead to enlarged tonsils, large glands, long soft jaw or Long uvula.
The heavier your initial weight, the heavier your body weight during pregnancy, the more likely you will have difficulty breathing during sleep.
\"When you gain weight, you increase everywhere, including inside the throat, so that the airway is damaged and more prone to collapse,\" Li said . \".
\"People who are pregnant tend to maintain fluid and swelling, including around the throat.
\"High levels of estrogen during pregnancy can cause swelling of the nasal mucosa and even cause you to produce more mucus.
When you are pregnant and blood vessels expand, the amount of blood in your body increases, which can cause swelling of the nasal membrane.
A nasal congestion caused by a cold or allergy may increase the nightmare. On a Sunday —
It was a particularly bad night and I saw my husband walking from our bed to the sofa in the next room --
I search deep in the internet to see what solutions are available.
He slept very light.
We tried wax earbuds, aluminum earbuds, lavender spray, meditation and oil diffuser but none worked.
But when the beast came out around three in the morningm. —
I quickly eye the height of my sleep and the damage to him.
Not looking back.
Then I found some comfort in the clever Nora.
This is a co-
Founder belouz Hariri, centered on sleep and health, claims to improve the sleep of thousands of couples around the world.
\"Nora is actually listening to a lot of snoring that is less sensitive than her partner.
So, just before snoring becomes loud enough to wake them up, Nora gently pushes the pillow, or gently moves the pillow, and then, Hariri says in the company press release: \"reduce the amount of snoring, so that the two partners can sleep continuously. \". It’s Oprah-
Approved and designed so you can sleep on your back
The most serious place to snoring often
Or on your stomach.
This is how it works: the length of a rubber inserted into a Queen
The size pillow contains an inflatable \"bladder.
\"This is connected to the tube attached to the main unit located at the foot of the bed.
A separate Bluetooth \"pebble\" sits nearby and uses a microphone to receive snoring over a certain volume when activated.
When it reaches this level, it sends out a signal to inflate the bladder and tilt the head forward to open an airway that allows you to breathe normally again.
After downloading the snore monitoring app SnoreLab, I tested Smart Nora with it to see if snoring will improve in a week.
When I heard the bladder swelling under the pillow, I found that my brain had adapted to the sound and would adjust itself to stop snoring.
But not perfect.
There were a couple of nights, and maybe the air pocket re-adjusted my head angle in an interesting way, which didn\'t seem to make any difference.
Or I accidentally turned off the pebbles like an alarm clock.
Frequent snoring can be a sign of sleep-breathing disorder
When your airway is blocked, causing you to stop breathing briefly during sleep --
Sometimes there are hundreds of times a night.
\"Weight gain increases people\'s risk of developing sleep apnea,\" Li explained, adding that sleep apnea is associated with increased cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.
Li recommends sleeping sideways instead of looking up and raising your head slightly to reduce snoring.
Weight loss, nasal congestion resolution and avoidance of alcohol, tobacco and sleeping pills are other tips to achieve snoringfree sleep.
For people with sleep apnea, a ventilator helps reduce snoring.
The pattern of clever Nora\'s head up is a bit helpful, Li said.
\"The problem is that the device like this, as long as the head is raised, may not be able to control the neck position well, and many changes in the neck position may have an effect on the airway, it could be very serious to find the right place with this pillow, he said.
As for my husband, he agreed that Nora was hit or missed, but it was worth a try.
He commented: \"There were a couple of nights when I didn\'t wake up from my partner\'s snoring, which was great, but as mentioned above, if the sleeves slipped a bit out of place due to the user\'s movement during sleep, then I will notice it.
\"The third month will be particularly challenging as the baby will absorb the extra fat she needs to get into the world, so it is fair to expect snoring to become more intense in the coming months.
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