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adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL

adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL

Adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL

100 pcs
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10-15 Working Days
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EXW, FOB Shenzhen
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T/T, Western Union, Paypal
Standard Export Carton
By sea, By air or By express delivery(DHL/UPS/FEDEX)
CE, ROHS, FDA, etc.
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Company Advantages
1. In the course of excellent quality of adult neck pillow, our price-quality ratio is quite reasonable. It is not easy to get out of shape
2. This product can help people finish tasks that are too heavy or difficult. It significantly reduces the work burden for people. The materials used in its manufacturing has been certified to have high safety
3. The product features excellent durability. Its metal structure is exquisitely processed by oxidation, polishing, and plating, therefore it will not rust or easily break down. It has better heat dissipation and does not store any heat
4. It is endowed with important fabric properties for maintaining thermal comforts, such as air permeability, water or moisture (vapor) permeability/transportation and heat transmission.
5. This product features stability and cracks resistance. Compared with ordinary alternatives, the moisture ratio is strictly controlled to prevent dry cracking during production. The product has excellent performance regarding anti-mite and anti-bacteria

We Suggest you to know more of our material before you read this

  How to choose a best pillow for your all night? You must know these.

A pillow must provide both optimal support and cushion by using. 

1) Support

That means that it should support and maintain the natural alignment and curves of the spine and hips whether a person is on their front, side or back. It’s important to understand the normal posture and alignment of the spine when looking from the side as compared to looking from the front or back. A proper pillow will keep the head and neck lined up in a natural and neutral position. This is where the head, neck and back all line up in a straight line. 

With a pillow that is too soft, too thin, and not shaped properly that is too soft – to the head and neck a similar effect happens. The neck and head twist and bend out of their natural ideal position and posture. And the hips, shoulders, and spine sag into the mattress too far not providing enough support. Again the spinal curves are not supported in their proper alignments. A strained position  will result in pain, stiffness and injury. It will also lead to a restless sleep.

For back sleepers the pillow needs to support the natural curve of the neck while cradling the head all in a neutral and natural alignment. The thickness, shape and firmness of the pillow with determine how the head and neck are positioned. A proper pillow will follow the shape and contour in the space between the neck and the mattress . It also allows the head the sink into the pillow to provide a depression for the head to be cradled in.

2) Cushioning

Cushioning is not the same as support. For example, lying on a rectangular pillow of puffy foam will provide excellent cushioning but not ideal support. This is because the foam will compress and deform under the weight of the head too much to create proper support.  It will feel good initially but a person will sag and twist into the pillow as the night goes on and eventually lead to soreness and stiffness. Cushion and support are equally important.

  Product Pros


Hyperbolic Ergonomic design

•   Seamless fitting the head and neck, filling the gap,maintain the natural physiological curvature of the cervical spine.
adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL-1

Nine Unique Characteristics, Improve The Quality of Your Sleep

•   Non-Deformation,  dispersing pressure, breathable and dehumidifying, Anti-mite and Antibacterial, skin-friendly non-toxic, easy clean.
adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL-2

Two-way using pillow, meet different sleep needs

•   The high side is suitable for people who are used to sleeping on high pillows or side sleep
•   The low side is suitable for people who are used to sleeping on low pillows or back sleep
adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL-3

  Product Details

adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL-4
High resilience hyperbolic design
adult neck pillow latest design for rest OPeREAL-5
Pure Natural Tencel fiber and Bamboo fiber Pillowcase

  Product Parameters

ModelAdult Neck Pillow
Recommended age of users16+ Years
PillowfillowMesh Food-Grade Silicone Rubber Pillowfillow (Adult hardness 20H)
Inner Pillowcase81% Nylon, 19% Spandex
Pillowcase100% Tencel Fiber / Pure Bamboo Fiber
WashableCan be washed by hand or by machine, even 100℃ high temperature disinfection
Net Weight870g / 1.9lb
Gross Weight1215g
Dimension60X40X8/10 cm ; 23.6X15.7X3.15/4 inch
PackingNon-woven Bag

Company Features
1. Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd provides the integrating service of integrating design, production, sales and service of adult neck pillow.
2. We have trained a team of professionals in our factory. They are highly familiar with the customers' needs and dedicated to high quality production process.
3. Through continuous improvement, our company strives to provide customers with quality products, timely delivery, and value.
OPeREAL comfortable pillows goes through a wide range of fundamental tests. These tests are flammability testing, stain resistance testing, and durability testing, among others. Its shape can be customized to fit specific applications
The design of OPeREAL comfortable pillows is carried out based on some fundamental factors. They are comfort, breathability, safety, color matching, and appearance. The product can withstand a certain load or pressure during the machine operation
The raw materials of OPeREAL comfortable pillows are carefully selected. All its components or parts are made of sustainable and environmental-friendly materials which pose no risk to the environment. With high-temperature resistance, it remains a stable performance even the inner machine temperature is high
OPeREAL adult neck pillow must be tested by third-party testing labs. It will pass various tests including fiber composition testing, fabric construction testing, dimension stability testing, and durability testing.
OPeREAL comfortable pillows has gone through a series of quality tests. They include colorfastness, odor resistance, softness, bending, and edge shaping quality tests. The product is highly corrosion-resistant, making it suitable for the demanding mechanical environment
comfortable pillows can offer moderate comfortable pillows and professional quality effect. It is easily fit into the machine and requires less maintenance
Our products are widely used in the industry of adult neck pillow. It is widely used in different machines such as drilling and milling
The product will be strictly tested by our experienced inspectors before shipment to ensure it meets your demand for quality. It has guaranteed toughness so that it won't fracture or chip
Multiple applications for comfortable pillows are available. The product is not easy to rust due to its high-quality steel or alloy materials
comfortable pillows can deeply convince the client of its merits. Its graduation and dimension can be customized
The price of this product is competitive, very popular in the market and has huge market potential. It has guaranteed toughness so that it won't fracture or chip
The market share of this product is growing, showing its wide range of market applications. With high hardness, it is highly resistant to deformation
The product is applicable to various fields and has a huge market prospect. It is easily fit into the machine and requires less maintenance
The product has high commercial value to meet the demanding requirements of customers around the world. Scratches resistance is one of the most important mechanical characteristics of this product
This product offers superior performance for every application. Professed by CNC machines, it features high dimension accuracy
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