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Affair just a bad dream, but you need to talk to him

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-05
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 19/5/2010 (2935 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
Dear Miss Lang hearts heart: I had a dream last night and my husband wanted to get rid of me so he could have a new girlfriend.
It\'s vivid, like it really happened.
While I was sleeping, I started hitting him with a pillow.
He woke up and was so beaten and startled and grabbed my arm to stop me.
Now he thinks I\'m a madman, and from where he\'s got me, I have bruises on my arm.
After the end of our beautiful marriage until the last three months it seems so low.
He hired a new computer technology assistant in the office and didn\'t go home until very late, I think. . .
My stomach is not feeling well, West Kildonan.
Dear Patient: it is a provocation to be beaten repeatedly on the head during sleep, to hold your arms tightly and let them stop.
Don\'t think of this as a violent act against you.
In your subconscious mind, you will send a high alarm, which will appear in your sleep.
Now, there\'s no choice.
You have to talk to your husband about what really bothers you and why you have nightmares.
While it\'s a shame that you may bring it up in tears, it\'s necessary to face things like love.
Things thrive in the dark.
Your only hope is to knock out the relationship you\'re worried about.
Keep the sound stable if you can.
Don\'t give your man the chance to eliminate your fears in a hysterical or paranoid way.
Before you fight him, you may want to do a consultation first so that you both can go directly to the consultation as a couple, or you can go on your own.
Dear Miss Lonelyhearts: Well, excuse me, but when does it become so important for a woman to go out and work when she has three children to need her at home?
We can\'t afford daycare for mobs and I make a lot more money than she does because I\'m doing sales.
She wants to go back to work at a damn drugstore and give the smallest amount to others in the morning.
They need to mix up with the other kids, she said. Why?
They have each other. they like to play with each other. —Upset Husband.
Dear husband: turn things around.
If your wife has a better one
She wants you to stay at home with 24/7 of the three children, how would you feel?
You know, you\'re going crazy.
It\'s hard to have pre-
The student is your only companion and will not feel hungry for adult conversations and interactions.
You are the main adult in her world and you are an emotional person.
In order to balance her life, she needs a neutral business thinking process and a pleasant conversation with her customers.
It will make her a happier mom and a better wife for you.
In addition to sex and money, people also have adult needs.
All these needs cannot be met by a working spouse.
Dear Miss Lonley heart: I saw Ricky Martin talking about coming out of the closet --
He is very happy to be free with his two children and the world.
I\'m disgusted. with myself.
How can I find the courage to come out when my secret and I are so lonely?
I can\'t date or get married with a woman, and I don\'t meet men in the gay world either. —
Westwood, very lonely.
Dear desperately: First of all, call the gay anonymous hotline composed of counselors at 6: 00 on weekdays9 p. m.
Rainbow Resource Center (284-5208).
Ask the \"go out\" consultation, personal consultation and support groups.
Also ask how to integrate into the gay community and all other questions related to you.
For a complete list of Rainbow resources available, see the website www.
Rainbow Resource Center.
Org lovecoach @ hotmail.
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