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Any suppliers selling chinese mattress manufacturers at ex-works price?
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What are the efficient filter leak detection methods? High efficiency filter is an end filter applied in clean room or dust-free workshop,Is the most important filter directly related to air cleanliness,The high-efficiency filter leak detection mainly refers to the on-site leak detection after the installation of the high-efficiency filter and its system,It is mainly to check the small pinhole and other damage in the filter material,Such as frame seal, gasket seal and leakage seam on the filter frame.The purpose of leak detection is to check the tightness of the high-efficiency filter and its connection with the installation frame, etc,Timely detection of defects in the efficient filter itself and installation,Take corresponding remedial measures,Ensure the cleanliness of the area.A relatively early approach originated in the UK,In China, some countries in Europe passed 70 ~ In 1990s, the experimental dust source was sodium chloride salt spray with a single dispersed phase.'Quantity' is the brig

What is the water inlet device for the dental integrated treatment chair? Can you pick up the faucet directly? Or can only use bottles? The configuration of the dental comprehensive treatment chair is simple. the tap water is generally a transparent plastic pipe. if you use a bottle, it can also be used, but it needs to be larger, also hang up to affect the beautiful water can be used with tap water and bottle water (distilled water, purified water)Water into the chair,First pass through the water filter from the tap water source,Into the multi-pass device,Redistribution to accessories that need water,The water of the water bottle came out by air pressure,There is a water source to choose the switch valve,You can choose whether to use tap water or water from a water bottle.
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