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Baby Concierge: rock-a-buy baby

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-30
She got everything the new mom might need.
When Caroline Cosgrove, 35, was pregnant with her first child, Lucy Atkins met with the baby concierge and she was shocked by the disappointment of buying baby supplies.
\"I thought it was exciting, but the whole experience was terrible.
The clerk doesn\'t seem to know much about their products and the range of choices is confusing.
I came back exhausted from my first trip with 20 baby stroller brochures but no baby stroller.
No one seems crazy-
There are people who can really help stop shopping.
When her daughter was six months old, Cosgrove set up a baby concierge service, a customized shopping service for the quasi-parents.
Six years later, she has two children and a showroom in Ladbroke Grove, west London, and she provides two
Hours of lifestyle counseling to help parentsto-
It was to draft a list of baby necessities, which she then provided.
Baby products are very popular these days.
When actress gwynith Paltrow appeared with her tot on a bugabo stroller, the brand reached the wish of a delicious mommy --list.
Ugly diaper bags decorated with teddy bears have been replaced by designer Storksaks, favored by Hollywood stars such as Angelina Jolie, and without a range of organic baby products, any nursery is incomplete.
But why do we need a shopping consultant to tell us what to buy for our children is not entirely clear.
After all, mother care is a pretty good care
Stop shopping and babies really don\'t need much when you think about it.
Is the baby concierge service just a marketing strategy designed to convince hormonal moms to spend a lot of money on unnecessary gear?
\"First of all, we guarantee that our products will not be more expensive than John Lewis,\" Cosgrove said . \".
Like other retailers, she makes money by buying goods at trade prices.
Secondly, she said that she provided a valuable good feeling because, unlike many High Street employees, she knew everything about her products and she was also a mother.
She notes, \"part of the problem with the first child is that you don\'t know what you need, so you end up buying something that doesn\'t make sense.
We don\'t just help people find what they need, we also tell them what they can do without these things.
Cosgrave will try to findto-
If necessary, look for the product from abroad, claim that she has everything \"cherry picking\" in her showroom and guarantee to complete all purchases at once.
\"I want to remove stress from the whole incident,\" she said . \".
She has a point: The last thing most women need when they are eight months pregnant is a series of sick trips
Department stores are well stocked and overheated, with a wide range of goods, and women waiting in line are also in an endless stream.
Nevertheless, the baby concierge must be able to perfectly deceive nervous pregnant women into buying all sorts of ridiculous and unnecessary equipment.
All the features of the site come from a \"digital moisture meter and thermometer\" that uses it to monitor the atmosphere of your nursery
Four hours a day, one hand.
Keep the UV monitor to prevent damage to the sun.
These things must be redundant, right?
\"People often doubt and worry that we will try to push them to buy things they don\'t need,\" Cosgrove said . \".
But that\'s not how we are.
Some customers do want high
But the budgets of other companies are tight.
If the customer\'s lifestyle means they really need a simple-to-fold Maclaren.
So I won\'t win many customers.
\"Because most of Cosgrove\'s business comes from word of mouth, thisto-
The method of the Earth seems important.
Not all customers are naive.
So are parents.
Take the 39-year-old teacher from Hampstead, Juliet lichitiger, who conceived a third child when a friend recommended the baby concierge.
\"I have tried department stores,\" she said . \"
\"I\'m 32 weeks pregnant and need a stroller.
They don\'t have everything and can\'t guarantee that they can get it for their children in time.
The weather is hot, crowded and frustrating.
I almost had a panic attack and ran away empty. handed.
In contrast, the baby concierge service is \"calm and fun\", she added \".
They made me a cup of tea and we discussed my needs wisely.
I think it saves my money.
They convinced me to give up some stupid purchases.
Since then, I have recommended it to many people.
So do you want a stateof-the-
Art nursery with wireless video monitor and electric baby-
Wipe the heater, or a simple Moses basket, it looks like drinking tea with the baby concierge might just be a ticket.
Where else can I buy the new baby gear-
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