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baby gear injuries surging, often due to falls

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-24
(Reuters Health)--
Every eight minutes in AmericaS.
A study showed that a child under the age of three had accidents related to baby products, such as baby carriages, baby cribs and walkers.
This means that on average more than 66,000 people are injured each year, and only infants and toddlers who go to the emergency room will be injured.
Pediatric researchers reported an upward trend in the number of injuries, with about 4 of the five injured as a result of falls.
\"Surprisingly, how many children are still experiencing the products of the nursery --
Serious enough to cause related injuries to the emergency department-
\"There is one every eight minutes,\" said senior Research author Dr . \"
Gary Smith, director, Injury Research and Policy Center, Columbus National Children\'s Hospital, Ohio.
Mr. Smith added via email that concussion and other head injuries appeared to have driven a surge in emergency room visits.
\"This increase is similar to an increase in national awareness of concussion, especially sports --
And potential consequences, \"Smith said.
In this study, Smith and his colleagues looked at the emergency room injury data related to baby gear from 1991 to 2011.
In the early days of the study, injuries decreased significantly, and the researchers believed that fewer accidents were associated with baby walkers.
However, over the past eight years of the study, the number of injured has surged by 24%.
In general, there are almost 1.
During the study, the researchers estimated that 4 million people were injured in connection with baby equipment.
The most common culprit is baby carriers, accounting for nearly 20% of the total number of accidents.
Doctors say injuries can occur when parents do not properly use belt buckles and seat belts, or when the baby is placed on a high surface like a table or counter rather than on the floor.
Baby cots, mattresses and bedding followed closely, accounting for 19% of the injured. Drop-
Due to the high damage rate of these moving parts, the side crib was banned in 2011, and the doctor also began to tell parents not to use the soft crib bumper that year.
Soft bedding, pillows, blankets and plush toys can cause suffocation and other injuries
Mattress or mattress.
17% of the injuries were related to strollers.
Parents can prevent accidents by using belt buckles and straps, and reduce the chances of a stroller dumping by placing the bag underneath rather than hanging behind it.
Wider wheel seats are also safer and parents should use wheel locks to keep the stroller in place when parking.
16% of the accidents in the study were related to toys such as walkers, jumpers and practitioners.
In the first few years of the study, accidents declined, Smith said, largely because walkers became safer.
\"Fixed activity centers like Exersaucer have entered the market, and they are baby walkers --
Like a product without wheels . \"
\"It gives parents a safer choice.
One limitation of the study, the authors note, is that it focuses only on emergency room visits and may underestimate the total number of injuries.
The study also lacked data on injuries.
For example, when operators are used correctly, they are not a problem, said Dr.
Elizabeth Powell, a pediatric researcher at Northwestern University of Chicago, did not participate in the study.
Powell said in an email: \"As an ED clinician, I see babies that are not subject to appropriate restrictions, or fall from a carrier placed on a counter, on a bed or other furniture
\"While this detail is beyond the scope of the report, that\'s why this product is doing harm.
\"The rise in injury rates in recent years may mean at least some parents are busier and more distracted than in the past,\" he said.
Founder of the Calabassas Pediatrics in California, Tanya Altman, a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles.
\"I see more and more parents in the park or outside with their children, not interacting with their children, but with the faces in their phones,\" Altman, the email said who was not involved in the study.
\"When falls and accidents occur, babies who reach out or catch to the attention of their parents usually appear. ” SOURCE: bit.
Ly/2 mSqqqx Pediatrics, online on March 13, 2017.
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