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Canucks defenceman Hughes \'feeling good,\' expected to make NHL debut Thursday

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-09
Quinn Hughes won\'t want to play when the Vancouver Kanak team debuted in the NHL.
\"I don\'t think I need to do anything special,\" 19-year-
After Wednesday\'s training, the old defender said.
\"All I need to do is get the puck to the forward because they are very skilled.
So, I just want to do my job well and keep the puck away from the net.
Hughes, seventh
The overall draft picks last year, after his University of Michigan Wolves rebounded from the playoffs, signed with Vancouver more than two weeks ago.
But the young blue liner blocked a shot in the NCAA playoffs and seriously injured his ankle, delaying his first NHL game.
This may change on Thursday when Canada hosts LA. Kings.
Coach Travis Green said on Wednesday that he did not register with the team\'s medical staff, but hoped Hughes would be approved for the game.
The treatment took longer than Hughes thought, but he felt he was \"almost\" back to 100.
\"I feel good, so I go to play whenever they tell me I\'m playing,\" he said . \".
Hughes also had companions during his recovery.
Kanuks teammates Ben Heaton and Chris Tanev have been nursing their injuries.
Heton said Wednesday that he was ready to return to the squad once the team\'s medical staff agreed.
Sitting on the side of the field, the foot is broken for more than three weeks, which is \"cruel\", 25-year-old said.
\"It was very frustrating, especially at the time of the season,\" he said . \".
\"I\'m watching the game, sometimes swearing at things like pillows and trying to get out.
\"The Ice Break gives Heaton a chance to get to know Hughes.
He said that the novice was quiet and shy at first, but then opened his mouth and asked many questions now.
Heton said the fans were impressed when he played.
\"He is still young, but he is mature at the same time.
\"I think he will handle it very well,\" he said . \".
\"He will go there. Oh, there are a few more.
He will be confident and he will go there to perform his plays.
So I was excited to see him play.
\"In his first all-Canada practice on Wednesday, Green paired five people --foot-10, 170-
Pounds Hughes with six-year-old Luke Shinfoot-two, 221-pound d-
People who recorded more than 700 NHL games.
The coach said the setting was reasonable and he explained that he liked his other defensive combinations and wanted the-on the left-
Hughes plays with his right hand.
Shen may also have some wisdom to share, Green added.
\"I think he will be a good guy to talk to on the bench.
I just want to calm my nerves.
He will not imitate his game after Schenner, they are opposing, \"he said.
But he can give him some good advice.
Top 5
Overall, in the Toronto Maple Leaf draft, Shen knows what it feels like to be a young defender with high hopes.
He jumped straight to the NHL in 2008 and his debut will be on the Detroit opening night
The Red Wings were raising the Stanley Cup flag the same night.
\"I think my first shift is against (Chris)Osgood, (Brian)Rafalski, (Nicklas)Lidstrom, (Pavel)Datsyuk, (Henrik)
Zetterberg and (Tomas)
Said Schenn.
\"So it\'s kind of like, \'What am I doing here? \' moment.
When you see those guys, you try to get to the bench as soon as possible.
\"Every player remembers their first game and Hughes won\'t make any difference, 29-year-old added.
\"This is the moment you have been dreaming all your life and you have to enjoy it and don\'t think too much,\" he said . \".
\"There will obviously be some tension and tension, but he will be fine.
He will settle down soon.
Obviously he is a confident player so he will be great and I am looking forward to it.
Hughes, who grew up in Toronto, remembers seeing an 18-year-old movie. year-
Old Shin played for the leaves.
\"He must know what he\'s talking about,\" Hughes said . \"
\"It\'s easy when you have a vet behind you who is as experienced as he is.
I will follow him. I\'m excited.
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