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CASES; All in a (Scientifically Monitored) Night\'s Sleep

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-02
I haven\'t slept for years in July 27, 2004.
If I set the alarm clock for 6: 30m.
My eyes open at 5 and I try to doze off on the radio.
I drink four cups of coffee a day.
I think I never fell asleep while driving, but I often doze off.
I used to work at night a lot, which cost me the rhythm in the first place.
But I like to be with my daughters, not a habitual person, perhaps because my father sleeps nine hours a night and is someone you can set your time.
Recently, however, it has become ridiculous.
So when the new sleep lab at the lower Brooklyn medical center offered to ask me to bring the pillow over for a nap test, I jumped up.
The real sleep disorder is very serious.
Choking a patient\'s throat blockage inhibits their blood.
Oxygen levels below 80% of saturation die from a heart failure or stroke.
Narcooleptics suffered a car accident and fell down the stairs.
People with REM (
Fast eye movement)
As we all know, behavioral disorders lack normal muscle paralysis, making it impossible for most sleepers to fulfill their dreams, beating and choking their spouses.
Even gentle Dreamers, who are not dreaming, but in deep sleep, start driving and enter emailsmail messages. (
I have a childhood friend whose habits almost cost him his life.
He is visiting a friend of another single mother with a gun.
She drew a bead on the \"theft\" downstairs, only to realize that Tommy was bouncing from the furniture in his pajamas. )
I also have some bad omen.
I was told that I snorted and was not always gentle.
I moved to France five years ago and had to find a new dentist.
He glanced at my teeth and told me that I had ground them so badly at night that three were about to break.
I doubt that he has proposed a $10,000 repair plan.
To prove his point, he asked me to be a plastic mouth protector.
Within two weeks, I broke it.
A month later, he said that the tooth was the weakest of the half ---
Add insult to damage on long stick bread.
I have more stupid symptoms, too.
If I was forced to talk when I got off the bus, I would be gibberish ---
Sleep experts call it sleep words.
AD the dreamer at downn State University told me to show up at 7 in the eveningm.
For the body so I can get wired at 9 and hit the sack.
I protested that it did not completely imitate my life.
I go home after 8 and have three drinks for dinner and my 14-year-
Watch TV and go out again after 11.
Doctor, relax a little. Roger Q.
The chairman of neurology, Cracco, said I could go to bed later, but there was no wine or coffee.
He said: \"I like to have a martini before dinner, but alcohol will reduce sleep and slow sleep . \"wave sleep.
We want to see the law of the patient.
Lab bedroom with urn
Theme wallpaper and framed floral patterns were designed to recall the hotel room.
But Oxygen outlets, food trays and bed covers are all muttering about \"hospitals \". \'\'Dr.
The director of the lab, Chun Bai, asked about snoring, post-meal naps, irritability, medications, caffeine and alcohol, and whether I dozed off at a red light, lunch or conversation.
In the Epworth test, I got 9 out of 24 and he said it was predicted that I would have mild apnea.
He checked my reaction and looked for evidence of the Ministrokes. None.
Then he looked at my mouth and opened his eyes. My uvula --
Punching bag behind the throat--
Obviously twice the normal time.
With my \"crowded\" airway, he said, I was lucky not to have a back chin or a huge tongue.
He politely pointed out that it was 40 pounds higher than my high school weight, which made me a \"normal upper edge\", but the other 10 pounds was a problem.
I had five brains in an hour.
The wave electrode stuck to my scalp, two eyes-
Motion detector on the cheek, two under the chin for muscle tension, two on the chest for cardiac rhythm, and two on the legs for twitching.
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I have chest and abdominal belts for breathing, a airflow sensor in my nostrils, an oxygen saturation monitor on my finger and a \"snoring\" on my neck \". The same is true of sleeping.
Surprisingly, while I was watched by cameras like the Bride of Frankenstein, I left almost immediately.
I remember waking up at four in the morning. m.
Look at my watch.
After that, I had a dream. -
A delightful, though it involves being chased by a family I stole a hat in a strange city.
I put an advertisement on the radio.
Pandi perumar, technical director of the laboratory, said at the age of 6 that it was time to get up.
My teeth are hurting but I feel good.
He smiled and said, \"You really snorted . \"\'\'Loud? \'\' I asked. \'\'A lot? \'\'\'\'Oh, yes.
So my ex was right. Dr.
Come in early in the morning and watch my computer records for the evening.
First of all, the good news is: I have the \"sleep efficiency\" of a teenager: I have 97% of the time outside in the seven hours allocated.
After 68 minutes, I went to sleep fast. -
Fast but still above 60-
Minute markers indicating clinical depression.
My heartbeat is normal.
Then the bad news is: when my blood oxygen drops, I wake up in part more than once but 57 times.
I snore for three more than 30 minutes.
My \"bastard County \"--
The number of times I woke myself up twitching--was 4. It sounded bad.
I meet the criteria of any private insurance company regarding apnea and I am just a jerk in addition to diagnosing periodic limb movement disorders.
But in fact,
My sleep apnea is mild, says Bai.
There\'s a lab 400-
A patient who wakes up 800 times a night
My blood oxygen has never dropped below 87%.
There seems to be no trouble in my heart.
The next test is sleep latency, which should be called power napping.
Even after a night\'s sleep, I had to close my eyes for 20 minutes at 9 in the morning. m. , 11 a. m. and 1 p. m.
See what happened.
I was told I would be home at lunch time.
I was still trying to get past the sunset.
The only subject I failed twice in a row was kindergarten: the ability to relax.
Obviously, I made progress.
I\'m lying in the dark and my heart is wandering but every time I get 20-
I said I didn\'t sleep.
However, I insist on buying the computer.
Not only that, but I also fell asleep four of my five naps. So, Dr.
Bai said that I had two of the four symptoms in my sleep: sleep behavior and short eye movement latency.
He asked other people about it: he fell asleep on the spot and collapsed when he got a fright.
He was wondering, did I drop the coffee when I heard the surprising news? No, I said.
This is hard for a reporter.
And then, he said, overall, I have 10% of men of the same age with mild obstruction apnea, and a medical science with insufficient sleep during the growth period.
I can try to lose weight, drink less, go to bed early, or do dental equipment, or do some very unpleasant surgery, he said.
But he suggested a test on a ventilator. One semi-
I\'m ready a month later.
Next week: Sleep with a machine.
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