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clever mums at clevamama

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-11
Like most professional mothers, a more flexible and better work-life balance was the goal of the game, when the Martina crane sisters and the Suzanne Brown sisters were at home with their swords for the first time in Suzanne
Suzanne\'s daughter, Laura, was only six weeks old, and Martina had two children under the age of two. Fast-
Ten years ago, the brand has become an international phenomenon as Clevamama bath towels became the number one cap baby bath towel sold on Amazon.
There are a range of products in stores in Europe, the United States, the United Kingdom and Brazil.
The brand\'s success has just been recognized here as the company won the Ulster Bank Business Achievement Award for female leadership Business Award in its mansion in Dublin last week.
Suzanne explained: \"When we first started, we stocked and sold other people\'s brands and distributed them to stores like mother care, Smith and rose stores in Ireland.
\"I\'m from an IT background and Martina is hiring, so the initial idea was to set up an online company that works from home and wants more flexibility in working hours.
\"The original idea was that we were sitting at the kitchen table and saying maybe we could build a website to see how it was going.
This is the planning aspect of things.
\"Along the way, the sisters were assisted by the finger County Enterprise Committee, which provided advice and guidance at the beginning of the venture.
About a year. and-a-
Before the two women decided to build their own brand and start producing Clevamama bath towels, it clipped the adult\'s neck, allowing mothers to hold the baby directly to the towel with both hands, quickly and safely wrapped in a towel.
We know very early on that the baby industry is a lucrative market where people will always spend money on good baby products and you will never lose customers because people will continue to have children.
\"We also realize that to use it to do business, you need a brand of your own, two products that can be exported,\" Suzanne said . \".
\"Our first product is our towel, which is the best selling product in the world.
We have been supplying Amazon.
About a year. and-a-
Half, it is the world\'s largest online baby website, and in three months it is the first hat towel sold on the website.
More products have also been added over the next few years, including other trees, formula containers, ClevaFeed and ClevaFoam baby pillows.
\"Everything in this range must be smart and make sense,\" Suzanne said . \".
\"We want them to be innovative and anything new parents need and feel is useful to them and their children.
We have never launched a product that we think has a lot of products.
Suzanne is Laura\'s mother. 9)and Luke (7)
Martina has two children, too, Hannah. 11)and Ben (10)
Both women are constantly working to develop new ideas and products.
\"This is an obsession at this stage,\" Suzanne laughed . \".
So much so that if my children see me close to the baby passage they will groan because they know they are on a long journey!
I have been looking for what is needed.
Now headquartered in Swords Enterprise Park, the company has 9 employees in the Irish base and has multiple international warehouses serving European and international markets.
The Clevamama brand of Ireland is equipped with a variety of stores, including Smyths and Mothercare.
Smith is our first customer, and they are still one of our most loyal customers, says Suzanne.
When we first came into contact with them, they knew we were a start-up and they knew the story behind it and they had been very supportive of the brand.
The future of the two companies looks bright, and they plan to increase their export business and introduce more innovative products.
All of this is never the original plan, but in essence the plan is always changing and we have more plans now.
\"Sometimes, when you work for yourself, you do work longer, but whether you work for yourself or for others, it\'s always the same,\" Suzanne said, you have to balance your home and work life and get up at the end of the day to pay bills and mortgages.
Work for yourself is definitely rewarding.
When you walk into a shop in Brazil and see the Clevamama product on the shelf, it\'s great.
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