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Connor McDavid of Oilers has big night at NHL Awards

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-09
In the 2017 NHL awards and NHL expansion draft submitted by T-the hardware hat trick was recognized
Move on Wednesday.
Edmonton oil captain is the focus of the league\'s 2016 season celebration
17 seasons, when he was nominated for the winner of the Hart Trophy, NHL players were considered to be the most valuable to his team, the ted Lindsay Award is the most outstanding regular season player voted by NHL players association members.
20-year-old David McDavid won the Art rose trophy with 100 points in the regular season as the league scoring champion (
30 goals, 70 assists)
First voted for NHL-
The center star team announced Wednesday. The No.
One option for the 2015 NHL draft was also disclosed as featured player on the cover of EA Sports NHL 18.
\"I\'m sure tonight, when I put my head on my pillow and sleep, I\'ll think about what\'s going on tonight, and then it\'s going to start really sinking,\" said McDavid . \".
\"Right now, it\'s just a lot of nonsense to do media and pictures and all that.
\"In order to see the trophies up close and personal, touch them and take photos with them, it makes it more real.
Today is a very special day in my life.
Mike David said that every award he won in Hart and Lindsay has a special meaning.
Hart is owned by the league-
Time scoring leader and oil legend Wayne Gretzky won nine prizes.
Lindsay, 91, is a partner.
The host, Mario lemiyo, shared his name with Mark meisiye.
\"I don\'t even know how to explain how much that means (Gretzky)
To submit (Hart)
The trophy, the man who has won more than any other player, may be the best player ever, \"mcdevid said of Gretzky, a partner and vice president of the oil dealer.
\"That means so much.
\"Ted Lindsay, the guys you went --to-
Every night, the people who fight with you, in order for them to respect you, vote for you to receive this award, which means a lot. \"(Lindsay)
It\'s someone who has changed the game, putting PA together with people who have helped so many players, even if he has never seen them before.
Knowing him and knowing what he did for hockey and all the people was an incredible moment.
Captain of the Pittsburgh Penguins, two.
Time Hart winner who won second place in the vote (1,604-1,104 points)
Pay tribute to David Mike this season.
\"It is an honor to join this team (of nominees)
To win the game, when you are nominated with a man . . . . . . Someone like Connor has done what he did and spent his year, \"you tip and get ready for next year,\" Crosby said . \".
\"He worked very hard to do this and do what he did from an early age.
\"I\'m sure it won\'t be the only prize in his career.
I think he will win more.
He was worth it. he had an incredible year.
\"The impact of David McGrady on the NHL in his second season was dramatic. His ability --
Including his speed. -
But his rookie season is not an ideal starting point. In 2015-
16. Mike David missed 37 games.
Season of broken collarbone, ending at 48 points (
16 goals, 32 assists)in 45 games.
\"Connor\'s situation was unique in his first year because he started and then stuck and then had to start running again,\" said Todd McClellan, oil dealer coach.
\"It\'s hard to do this as a 10-
Veteran, miss so much time and come back in the regular season.
\"In the season of our team, we are definitely not where we want to go, the team is being disbanded and looking forward to the future, so it\'s not easy for him at all.
\"But he has made great progress this season.
I don\'t know how we can quantify it, but it\'s clear that he does move quite a distance.
David\'s needle. moving, coming-
Off-season includes more than 30
Point games to help oil dealers (47-26-
Pacific Divison ranked second with 103 points)
Their first playoff spot in 11 years and 33-
Points on the table.
He finished the routine-
To 14-
Winning streak (
7 goals and 18 assists).
\"It\'s just a little bit of a taste,\" mcdevid said of his big night . \".
\"It feels good, it\'s something I want to try and do every year.
But I \'ve been saying that in order to win an award, I will exchange these three awards, and we all know the one we\'re talking about . . . . . . It\'s all about team honors.
This is clearly the main focus of next year. \"
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