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Consumer Agency Tightens Scrutiny of Baby Sleep Products

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-29
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Three years ago, 2011, doctor.
Bradley Tach, professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington.
Louis published an article pointing out that it could subvert nurseries across the country and perhaps save the lives of some people.
In reviewing data from the Consumer Product Safety Committee,
He concluded the crib bumper.
The liner wrapped inside the crib usually matches the bed items --
Killing babies. Ina 10-
In a year from 1995, he found 27 cases of choking deaths involving bumpers, and he theorized that more deaths could occur due to inconsistent data.
\"Because the bumper can cause death, we conclude that the bumper should not be used,\" he warned . \".
The Consumer Product Safety board initially ignored the findings.
Last summer, it came to the same conclusion as the trade group representing the manufacturer of the product, which claims that other factors, such as baby cots packed with pillows or babies sleeping on their stomachs, could be a factor in these deaths, not the bumper.
So most parents still don\'t know the debate about the safety of the crib bumper.
Now, driven by the emphasis on potentially dangerous consumer rights advocates and news reports, the Commission has changed its position and decided to conduct an in-depth study of the crib bumper, as part of a broader regulatory crackdown on the harm of a range of baby sleep products, these products are blamed for causing more casualties.
A comprehensive overview of the ads is another sign of heightened regulatory climate in many of the Obama administration\'s agencies.
For example, on September, the committee, together with the Food and Drug Administration, warned parents not to use sleeping postures designed to keep babies healthy.
Some sleep locators are sold to parents to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, but in fact, the agencies say that over the past decade or so, these products have left 12 babies suffocated.
Then, on October, the Commission issued a warning to parents about the dangers of the baby monitor wires and urged them to keep the wires away from the crib, the cradle and the game field.
Since 2004, the Commission has received six reports of infants being strangled by ropes.
In December, the Commission approved the first new mandatory standard for baby cots in nearly 20 years.
New rules prohibit existing designs
At least 32 babies have been blamed on the side crib since 2000, and more rigorous testing of all cribs is required.
In addition, in the next two years, the daycare center will be required to replace any baby cots that do not meet the new regulations. Nancy A.
Cowles, executive director of the non-profit organization \"dangerous children\" responsible for monitoring the safety of children\'s products, said the new crib standard was \"a huge leap forward,\" after years of relative inaction by the safety committee.
\"This is the safest thing in the world,\" she said on time about the new label . \".
The blow to baby\'s sleep products is the result of a combination of factors.
After the influx of polluting products, including Chinese toys, Congress passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008, which gave the Commission-
Long criticized without teeth
More money and power.
As part of the new law, Congress authorized the commission to issue mandatory standards for more than a dozen baby products, including strollers, bassinets, highchairs and baby cots, replacing the voluntary guidelines that have become the norm.
News reports documenting infant deaths from unsafe products, especially in the Chicago Tribune, put additional pressure on the Commission.
More than 10 million cribs have been recalled since 2007, and Inez Tenenbaum, who was appointed chairman of the committee by President Obama in 2009, said she has made the safety of baby sleep products a top priority, or what she calls \"safe sleep\" exercise.
In an interview
Tenenbaum said that when she became the chair, she convened a panel of experts to review the baby crib\'s injury and death data for 10 years.
The result was 19 baby crib recalls and rapid regulation, which she said \"cleared the market \".
She said the committee also tried to educate parents on how to protect Sleeping Babies by distributing videos to pediatricians offices and hospitals.
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In the next year
Tenenbaum said her agency will write new regulations for cradle and toddler beds.
She declined to comment on why the committee did not take stronger action sooner.
Even if the safety of the baby\'s sleep product is once again concerned, Ms.
Tenenbaum and others acknowledge that barriers remain.
Although the commission ordered the recall of millions of baby cots and other sleep products, many of them were still used by parents.
In addition, some parents and caregivers continue to sleep on their bellies;
Experts recommend that in order to prevent suffocation or sudden infant death syndrome or SIDS, the baby should sleep on its back.
Although people are very concerned about defective products, the death of most sleeping babies is caused by suffocation caused by pillows and other bedding.
A Commission report of July found that between 1992 and May 2008, 531 people were related to pillows or mats, with an average of 35 deaths per year.
In most cases, the baby is put to sleep on the belly.
In half the case, the baby is put to sleep on a mat or pillow.
There is some debate about what is safe for babies and what is not safe for babies.
While medical experts and regulators remain skeptical, the products offered by some small manufacturers are expected to reduce the incidence of sudden infant death syndrome. Indeed, the F. D. A.
The company said that products claiming to prevent SIDS will be considered as medical devices and therefore require agency approval.
For example, the website Eve claimed that the BabeSafe mattress cover it sold was \"100% successful in preventing SIDS (crib death)
Over 12 years.
\"This lid is advertised to prevent toxic gas from leaking out of the mattress, a controversial theory that has caused SIDS.
\"As a parent, I can tell you, \'government regulation\' and. A. P.
There is absolutely no point for me, \"said Evey Mados, who is in charge of Eve\'s best website, referring to the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The lid is very safe and babies can sleep on their stomachs, she said.
\"There are many wells
Educated parents feel the same way, \"she said in an email.
Mail at the end of last year
At the same time, the manufacturer of baby products questioned the allegations that their products were unsafe.
Michael Dwyer, executive director of the youth product manufacturers association, said critics often claim that sentiment-based products are unsafe while his members rely on sciencebased facts.
After federal authorities warned parents not to buy sleep locators, the Association of Manufacturers of teen products recommended that parents continue to use them as long as they are used properly.
The Association for Dr.
Thach\'s discovery on the crib bumperMr.
Dwyer said the association commissioned its own research and found that the cause of the baby\'s death was often unclear, as there were other things like pillows or soft toys in the crib.
The association recommends that the crib bumper be firm, not like a pillow, and take it out of the crib when the baby is able to stand.
\"While the bumper may be mentioned to be present in the crib, we really question whether the bumper is the reason,\" he said . \".
As far as he is concerned, doctor.
Thach said he could still talk to regulators and industry officials about his findings.
He pointed out that it was almost impossible to get bedding for cribs without bumpers.
\"They are still selling,\" he said . \"
\"People see these in stores and think they are safe.
\"A version of this article was printed on page B1 of the New York edition on February 1, 2011, with the title: Protecting babies.
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