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derry girls star had a ‘mortifying’ encounter with line of duty’s adrian dunbar

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-07
Nicola Cowland revealed a \"worse\" encounter she had with Adrian Dunbar, the duty officer, involving a pillow and an early morning wake-up --up call. The 32-year-
The old actress who played Claire in the fourth channel comedy admitted that both scenes were filmed in Ireland when they walked the path awkwardly.
Nicola told this hilarious story on Twitter for her 71,900 fans, saying: \"The little-known fact is that Line and Delhi girls are shooting at Belfast at the same time.
There was a lot of early start and one morning my pick up was at four o\'clock A. M. and I wasn\'t an early morning person at all so I was tired so I decided to sleep in the car with my pillow.
\"I got to the elevator, the elevator was open, and Adrian dunba, I was embarrassed, so I sat in the elevator and grabbed and turned like a sleepy toddler, nothing to him.
\"Then I arrived at a reading center yesterday and he sat there himself.
She added: \"I went to be a calm, professional actor and introduce myself and he said,\" Oh, I remember you and your pillow. \"Awkwaaaaard.
Although Nikolai did not disclose the \"reading\" event that the couple participated in together, many fans were calling for a line-up, Delhi girls crossed and we came to attend.
\"I need a Delhi girl\'s Adrian dunba guest now.
I think we all need it. Sign us up.
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