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Don\'t get too cozy: Your couch may be toxic

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-17
When you\'re reading this now, maybe you\'re sitting in a comfortable place like your couch.
Don\'t be too comfortable: a recent colleague
After a review of the study found that in California, most families in 15-
At least one flame retardant has exceeded the federal health guidelines during the year.
The flame retardant is mainly present in the sofa and also in the mattress, including the crib mattress and bumper, baby pajamas, clothing, electronics and other products.
They are related to cancer, learning problems, and hormonal disorders, which are dangerous and easy to avoid.
If they stay on a sofa or TV, the flame retardant may be a little less terrible.
Unfortunately, there is no such luck: the flame retardant, located deep in the foam pad, will migrate to dust and eventually be consumed by anyone who enters the family-especially the smallest and most vulnerable of us. Dr.
Robin Dodson, a scientist at the Silent Spring Institute
The authors of the recent study noted that infants and toddlers are at higher risk of exposure to flame-retardant chemicals in dust because they spend a lot of time on the floor.
This makes their bodies smaller and smaller, and in the near future they face huge risks to health problems, and inhaling these toxic smoke is not good for the rest of the family.
Top scientists, including an independent fire safety expert cited in the silent spring study, noted that flame retardant chemicals \"did not provide any meaningful protection for the dangers they solved-furniture was
\"In fact, a survey series earlier this year in the Chicago Tribune reported that, due to the tobacco industry, flame retardant was initially only put into furniture: not developing fires
In order to reduce the occurrence of house fires, tobacco companies require safe cigarettescalled fire-
Safety furniture using flame retardant chemicals.
Flame retardant is made up of various chemicals, some of which have been banned and most of which are not.
Studies linking them to human health problems, such as changes in fetal brain development, have led to the phasing out of some flame-retardant substances such as PentaDBE.
Sadly, their effects persist: the old sofas retain these chemicals and continue to discharge them into indoor dust.
Two of the largest General Motors manufacturers
The used flame retardant chloride tris promises to stop production.
This is good news because the World Health Organization, the National Cancer Institute and the National Research Council have all concluded that third is cancer risk. However, as Dr.
Julia Brodi, executive director and Union of the Silent Spring Institute
The authors of the study observed, \"when a toxic flame retardant is eliminated, it is replaced by another chemical that we know of danger or suspect that it may be dangerous.
\"The US chemical Commission insists that flame retardant is a necessary means to prevent fires, which proves that its head is firmly in the sand.
They also point out that there is no data in this particular study to prove that these chemicals cause health problems in humans-but should we ignore other studies that establish this link?
Fortunately, in July, EPA pledged to start investigating safer alternatives to these toxins.
However, we must be careful with consumers before we can find a solution.
One of the main reasons for the presence of a large number of flame retardant substances in the new Sands is that California\'s strict flammable standards require their use.
Manufacturers sell the same furniture nationwide, rather than omitting flame retardant from furniture sold in states that do not have these standards.
Before California Governor Jerry Brown fulfilled his promise, he promised to amend this request to affect people\'s health. to-
Coast, you can take several steps to help protect your family from these harmful substances.
Purchase furniture, quilts, mattresses and pillows made of organic health materials, including down, wool or cotton.
Since wool has natural flame retardant properties, products containing wool may not contain a separate chemical flame retardant.
Check the manufacturer\'s label to determine what you are buying.
If you haven\'t bought a new sofa or mattress in the market yet, make sure to use the fan regularly or open the doors and windows to ventilate.
Also, wash your hands frequently so you don\'t transfer flame retardant residues from your hand to your mouth and use a vacuum cleaner with an efficient air filter, which is more effective in capturing small particles.
Understanding and dealing with the dangers of flame retardant is just one of the many ways you can continue to protect your child and yourself from the dangers of our environment.
Your home should be a place to relax your body and mind-on your couch, anywhere else.
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