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by:OPeREAL     2019-08-21
To know how important posture is, you don\'t need to finish your studies.
No one looks lazy or hunchback.
Remember what your parents or teachers once told you when you were young?
Sit up, don\'t be lazy and walk high.
Don\'t forget those early lessons easily.
If you don\'t correct it right away, the incorrect posture will bring you a lot of grief in the long run.
According to Dr. Deepu Banerji, a neurosurgeon, proper posture is necessary for proper distribution of weight and for keeping muscles and ligaments at optimal relaxation.
\"This minimizes the stress of these structures, including the joints when walking, sitting, running, and sleeping.
Incorrect poses can be corrected by following good posture habits at home and in the office.
In more serious cases, physical therapy is needed to strengthen weak muscles and ligaments.
\"Bad posture can cause abnormal pressure on the spine and joints, resulting in early degeneration changes, such as cervical spondylosis, which is usually irreversible and progressive,\" he said . \".
Plastic surgeons and joint replacement surgeons Dr. Sanjay Agarwala said there was an increase in lumbar pain, neck pain and other orthopedic cases related to bad posture.
\"In the long run, good posture can lead to a better lifestyle and reduce pain.
\"If people don\'t want problems in the future, they need to pay more attention to the way they sit, stand, walk and sleep,\" said Dr. Agarwala . \".
Sleep posture while sleeping, mattresses and pillows support the spine and limbs as well as the head.
If the mattress is too soft, extra effort is required when turning, the soft mattress will make the rotation uncomfortable.
Choose a sturdy mattress.
Your neck needs pillow support and the pillow is well supported.
There are several varieties of pillows on the market.
Choose the one that suits you best.
There are also experts who recommend putting a pillow under your legs.
When you are sitting, make sure that the height of the chair is adjusted in one way, so that your feet are supported and your knees are at right angles.
If the chair is too high, use a stool of 1 feet.
The back should not only support your back, but also (if possible)
Your neck and your head
Adjust your handrails in one way so that your wrists and hands have enough support and can also stop you from hunchback.
When you are driving, make sure that your legs can reach the distance of the pedal comfortably.
When you are standing, it is best to be upright so that the curvature of your spine is well distributed along the bones and ligaments of the spine, thus reducing the effort required to maintain the upright posture.
If you wear high heels, it will highlight your spine curve and make the posture more attractive, but it will increase the pressure on your back and cause you back pain over time.
When handling heavy objects, make sure you distribute evenly on your arms, or transfer the weight from one arm to the other.
Dr. v l. Shyam, an ayurvedic expert, said that whether we are standing, sitting or lying, gravity will exert force on our joints, ligaments and muscles.
\"A good posture needs to allocate gravity through our bodies so that no structure is overdone --stressed.
Injury, inactivity, lack of certain vitamins and minerals, hormone levels, poor sleep habits can lead to poor posture, inheritance and repeated stress on the back of the spine or in areas of congenital shaping.
It can be corrected by combining diet with exercise.
You need to pay attention to your movements.
The way you sit, stand and lie in bed.
When you are sitting or driving for a long time, it may be helpful to use the back support pad.
\"It may also be helpful to take regular rest and walk around and stretch your body,\" he said . \".
Bad posture can cause discomfort, pain and even disability.
The forward tilt of 1 inch can increase the pressure and effective weight of the supporting tissue.
This means it puts pressure on your spine, neck and muscles.
Symptoms include headache, fatigue, neck and back pain, shoulder tightness and pain, and breathing difficulties in some cases.
Bad posture can also affect people\'s perception of you.
Simple guide-
If you spend a lot of time sitting at work, make sure you have a chair that keeps your spine aligned correctly.
The chair should be able to support the natural curve of your back and spine.
Your knee should be horizontal when you\'re sitting so it\'s completely vertical to your upper body. -
Wear a posture bracket under the clothes.
These materials are made of a thin but sturdy plastic material that will serve as a reminder for those who are prone to fall while sitting or standing for a period of time. -
Avoid wearing high heels.
Do not wear leather boots or tight shoes when working indoors.
Avoid heavy or tight belts as they will pull on your skeleton frame. -
Check your mattress.
Make sure it\'s neither too hard nor too soft.
Use an ergonomic pillow to keep the head aligned with the body while sleeping. -Get a check-
From your doctor, including a full blood test to check calcium, vitamin D, and estrogen levels.
Check if you have osteoporosis in your home.
If you do, talk to your doctor about the early precautions you can take to avoid this being more common among women.
Exercises -
Pilates improves physical and mental health-
Increase flexibility, endurance and muscle enhancement by controlling movements such as mat exercises or by adjusting and enhancing the body with equipment. -
People who practice yoga will experience a series of specific poses while controlling their breathing.
There are several different postures that help improve the posture. -
Lift your arms straight with your ears.
Bend your forearm to the shoulder and touch your shoulder blades.
Repeat this 10 times with your arms. -
Stand straight and raise your arms to reach out to your sides.
Hold on until you count to 10 slowly.
Slowly put your arms down to both sides, dozens as you put them down.
Gently lift your arm back to the height of your shoulder and count to ten when you lift your arm.
Repeat this 10 times. -
Stretching can help you a lot if you spend a long time behind your desk.
Stretch your head in four directions on your shoulders and gently massage your neck.
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