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Duroflex launches Mattresses with Heat Absorption Technology™ (HAT), which regulates the body temperature to optimum

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-15
Duroflex, one of India\'s leading mattress manufacturers, has launched a new mattress using Outlast®PCM (
Phase Change Material)
This was designed for NASA, the American Space Institute, to help astronauts adapt to extreme temperature conditions in outer space.
Mattress has heat absorption technology tm (HAT)
It regulates the body temperature of those who sleep on it all night.
Its unique process will ensure that the body is always at the best temperature, best suited for depth, cool, sweatingfree sleep.
The demand for Duroflex HATTM MattressesIt is interesting, and it is noted here that there are already cool gel mattresses on the market.
While they are good for cooling the body, they have a one-way function.
Once they absorb heat from their bodies, they stop performing, which makes them redundant.
The hat mattress uses Outlast. ®PCM (
Phase Change Material)
It adjusts the body temperature throughout the night, thus ensuring a good sleep for the user.
To sum up, the first 3 points that highlight the need for this mattress are: Another interesting observation of these hat tech mattresses is that it works based on personal body temperature.
The rest temperature of the human body is different.
That means even in the air
Rooms are available, some feel hotter and some feel colder.
The hat mattress equipped with PCM works differently on everyone, and even if a couple sleeps on it, it adjusts and works according to the individual body temperature.
What is Outlast? ®PCM (
Phase Change Material)? Outlast® PCM (
Phase Change Material)
It is a unique material originally designed and developed for NASA, the American Space Institute.
It helps to adjust the body temperature of astronauts for space suits, gloves and other accessories they use.
The Duroflex hat mattress has a certified space technical seal issued by the Space Foundation.
The Duroflex mattress is the only brand in India that uses this technology in the mattress.
The facts about human sleep habits keep in mind the above facts, it is very important to have a good sleep.
The Duroflex hat tm mattress will reduce sweating by 48% and improve the overall sleep quality.
The Duroflex heat absorption technology tm mattress is now available at all Duroflex stores and distributors.
The last one®PCM (
Phase Change Material)
In these mattresses, NASA used NASAm for the first time for NASA to help astronauts cope with extreme temperature fluctuations in space.
It is used in space suits, gloves and other accessories that astronauts use to make future mattresses.
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