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Experts debunk the six biggest sleeping myths

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-10
We know there are a lot of habits that can disrupt our sleep, like watching our phones in bed or having a cup of coffee too late at night.
But there are many other ways to compromise your sleep without realizing it.
Many of our beliefs about closing the door
The eyes may be the real culprit for restless nights.
Some of the wrong points include thinking that you need 8 hours of sleep or checking the time you wake up in the middle of the night.
Dr. Nerina Ramlakhan, a sleep expert, said there is new evidence that what keeps us awake is our faith, not our behavior.
Read the following to learn about the six most serious sleep that destroys beliefs.
Are you worried about waking up at night and thinking you should put your head on your pillow, even if you think you\'re done sleeping, it\'s not until morning, and you\'re most likely waking up a few times in the evening without realizing it.
Sleep studies have reportedly shown that humans wake up about 10 times at night on average.
The theory is this sleep.
The wake-up cycle has changed for our survival and safety;
We entered a half.
State of Consciousness, check that everything is OK, then slide back to sleep.
It is perfectly normal to wake up at night and then go back to sleep.
Don\'t think of it as a problem.
This is the biggest disturbance in sleep, but for many of us it is a habit that is hard to break.
If you wake up in the evening and check the time immediately, you may start to calculate how many hours you have left in the morning and worry about how much sleep you missed.
It\'s a terrible cycle because being obsessed with checking time only puts you under more pressure and is unlikely to step back.
In any case, use your phone as an alarm clock, but resist the urge to check it every time you wake up at night.
Do you pay attention to how much you sleep, or how much you don\'t sleep, and while adequate sleep is important, the eight-hour Holy Grail makes too much sense.
Everyone\'s sleep requirements are different and it doesn\'t help to focus on getting a fixed amount of sleep.
The key is to pay attention to how you feel when you wake up.
If you wake up after five hours and feel refreshed, you may get enough sleep.
Do you sleep late, then later in the morning, trying to make up for the lost sleep, or do you sleep a little more on the weekend, when you\'re on vacation, you will believe that you can catch up with the sleep patterns that are seriously damaging you.
While you can catch up to a certain extent, you can\'t fully recover.
If you want to really get the benefits of healing from sleep, then go into a good routine and solve your sleep problems forever.
How many times have you been sitting in a meeting with your eyes open, but just sat down and completely forgot what you said before going to bed or read a book and re-
Read the exact same page the next night this is actually an early state of sleep called sleep trance, an important state of relaxation that allows you to consolidate information, learn and refresh your memory, keep you sharp and focused.
You may not realize it, but by going into this trance
Like the state of the day, you may affect your ability to fall asleep at night.
If you believe you are carrying the \"bad\" gene that stops you from sleeping, you are not alone.
But there is no such gene.
As you begin to become more aware of your sleep, you will begin to see that any sleep problem may be caused by bad habits developed by generations, not genetic defects.
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