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Fight for Bed Supremacy Spreads to the Skies

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-15
After years of stopping
The fire, the hotel bedding war is recovering and there are even calls for air strikes now.
I deployed ridiculous martial arts there just to highlight a point of view about hotel bedding which is an ordinary and boring thing among the elderly
Until 1999, the Westin launched a new mattress and bedding accessory called Paradise bed, developed by Simmons, a large mattress manufacturer.
So, something amazing happened, and it did make up a huge pillow fight, even a marketing battle.
First, see the night (sorry)
The success of the Paradise Bed, other hotel companies competing to develop their own brand high
Whether it\'s bedding made by Simmons or bedding made by competitors such as Serta or Sealy of market Hotel
Bed linen through its global hotel range and other brands.
With hotel companies starting to buy luxury beds for their properties and selling them through their own catalogues and online sites, the entire retail bedding industry has gone through a revolution.
Travelers, especially the new wave of female business travelers after 1999, came home and found that their beds simply did not reach the beds in the hotel.
After the introduction of heavenly beds, every top class hotel \"understands that it is impossible for them to have a worse bed in the room than the customer\'s home,\" said Steve Tipton, vice President of Simmons Hotel, Hotel department, mattress company.
Meanwhile, hotel-
Brand mattresses began to be sold in retail stores such as department stores and premium stores
Overall, premium mattresses and other bedding have become a market standard, with overall sales soaring to around $6.
8 billion last year.
\"The consumer connection between the bed and the hotel is a big deal \". Tipton said.
2006 of the time, Hilton, a hotel company, has invested $1 billion in new bedding since 1999.
But now it starts again.
As the hotel recovers from the recession and begins to invest again to improve, Simmons recently launched a series of hotel bedding called \"charging beautician\" designed to sell foam that features a temperature adjustment of the mattress
Even some airlines are now predicting high levels.
World-class mattresses and bedding
Class and Business
Class cabin, where to lie-
Flat bed has become the industry standard.
For example, Delta recently launched the new Westin paradise-
Offering its business elite cabin flight bedding products for international flights and domestic flights between JFK Airport in New York and Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle, and between Atlanta and Honolulu.
Singapore Airlines advertises private suites with luxury double beds
Its a380 class cabin and the maintenance and upgrading division of the German major airlines Lufthansa tech is selling its own Flexidreamer bed (
\"Sleep in Heaven \")
, Originally developed for luxury private aircraft, is now available for the first time
The cabin on a commercial plane.
While this luxurious comfort is absolutely unavailable in the increasingly crowded and grim coach carriages of airlines, luxury bedding on a commercial jet turn into a premium cabin reflects what the hotel business has learned over the past 23 years.
As a new high announced by Delta
Fan business cabin of high-end bedding said, \"in a recent survey, customers told us that the most important part of human beings-
The flight experience is sleeping.
In the business of the hotel, have a good night\'s sleep
Quality bedding has increasingly become the top priority of marketing.
For example, IHG\'s Crowne Plaza hotels is highlighting improvements in bedding as part of its initiatives to renovate hotel quality standards in nearly 60 countries over the years.
By the way, one of the most interesting aspects of the entire hotel bed --
For me, the phenomenon of war has had an impact on the family. bedding market.
It\'s always an unpleasant thing for most people to buy a family mattress, \"right there, there are used cars . \"
Tipton of Simmons
But the hotel actually became a reality.
Time showroom for mattress.
Don\'t plop uncomfortably on the mattress of the department store again, trying to try it out.
At the hotel, you can use the mattress like at home.
You can then purchase bedding from a hotel company or retail store that sells mattresses branded as any hotel.
\"It really takes a lot of unhappiness to try the mattress,\" said Mr. Tipton said.
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