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Five of the best: mood sprays

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-03
Space sprain in Liquid Yoga.
50 to 150 ml, Mio (spacenk. com)
Mio Skincare\'s Liquid Yoga Space spray can quickly change your mood and help you calm, quiet and relax, they say
Pressure and rebalancing
We say that bath enthusiasts may already be familiar with the liquid yoga bath immersion of Mio skin care products --
Exciting muscles
A warm mixture of lavender, lemon zest and essential oil from cypress leaves.
This space spray is bottled and very relaxed.
A mixture of lavender, lemon, chrysanthemum and citrus is prepared with aroma (
Studies on human behavior by smell
A few pumps are sprayed on your office, pulse point or yoga mat, which is immediately uplifting.
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