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girls just wanna have power!

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-18
Did the First Lady really leave on Dubya? dream-turned-
Nightmare ditch manager Larry RudolphLaura Bush and Britney Chals did it for themselves and it was as evil as apple pie!
Oh, are you so happy to see those goss?
On the grounds elsewhere, a thin, veil-covered item appeared on a \"bomb\" actress who recently stained her hotel mattress, and there is a news that likes and her is well, it is also old.
The blind fer age that has been running (practically).
In fact, for such a long time, when this buxom babe shows itself, I believe --as all \"dirty\"-
In the end, contract types usually do this
Of course, she will enter a new sex scene!
No, you hate it. ass, lesbian-
Seduce Donald Trump, our big ta.
T\'d type is definitely not Rosie O\'Donnell so you won\'t have any more women
Get real feed from your Irish nemesis.
Oh, by the way, for all the gaga goss types that are worrying about who this naughty girl might be, no, it\'s not Jessica bill, it\'s not evah!
You must be warned: there is no comparison between our mysterious girl and her dirtybutt (
Although very talented in many ways)
Boyfriend, his life uses his woman like a toilet. Gross!
Please enter the next project right away!
Please note that what is equally disgusting is the story of the domesticated devastating romance that I ran last week.
I mean, specifically, I \'ve been providing insider information about the First Lady of the United States, Laura Bush. Es.
I don\'t live in the White House now.
According to celebrities in Washington,it-everythings—
Laura moved into the luxurious Hay.
Adams hotel, because she can\'t stand dubiya\'s wine anymore.
The White House declined to comment. Repeatedly.
I called. A lot. Most-
The excuse that Moy heard was that everyone \"went out\", so claim \"Sarah\" from \"Lady\"
She claimed to be Bush\'s press office. I declare.
Sarah, and the man over there, sir.
Bush\'s media team really needs to come to Hollywood to quickly learn how to best bull ---
The reporter called.
\"I can\'t reach my wife.
It is enough that \"Bush is now\", or even a simple \"I will pass on your message.
On the contrary, Laura Bush kept silent about my inquiry (
Yes, the first lady has the right to privacy, but heck, if she checked out from 1600 Pennsylvania because of the leader of the free world, that\'s the news)
Plus her spokesperson couldn\'t say anything nervously, I smelled something bad.
In addition, DeeCee, my trusted fully connected desk, also reported 80-
Prove that Potomacville has doubts about Prez (
He never drank)
Drinking Again: Table DC.
It\'s one of those people who hang out and socialize at the White House.
Dee said colleagues and members there reported while speaking to GW. B.
\"There must be unclear mouth. . .
Not only is his regular words, omissions, and grammatical distortions when speaking, but it is really ambiguous in speeches and interviews.
\"Whether the above nonsense is related to why Bush keeps making ugly national decisions, I am not just talking about Iraq now, it is very important for the affairs of this country: BritGate!
Remember I told you last week that Britney has been working hard to prepare for the upcoming Blues trip, and the parts of the story about those crazy rehearsal costumes were filmed.
Since we ran the project, Paps has shot her at some very odd parties. But red now. Hot Word B. S.
I fired Larry Rudolf and re-hired Leslie Sloan zenick as her advocate, and I wanted to get the scoop straight from her representative.
So, I sent Lesley an email asking if the British were really ready for her comeback trip at the Millennium Dance Center for countless moments.
\"She recorded her album in the studio,\" Curt replied . \". (
Obviously, Leslie didn\'t grow up in an elegant environment. ass South! )
Okay, it\'s all fine, but what about the rumored tour? S.
I should preview some new tracks, what exactly is going on with her and Larry, these are the Q-burning in my brain-
I must be yours too.
Well guess no one is the official Gabbin\', including Rudolf, the pro director who is said to be ousted, who is with B. S.
Because she has more pimples than her lover.
Howevah, just for you.
Services, and some additional scoopage: source veddy, veddy is close to full sad sitch to tell Moy, though Microsoft.
In fact, Es may have fired Rudolf and she is not allowed to do so under the law.
In other legal terms, I was told by a spear camper close to the Dixi showdown that Rudolf thought he was still legally bound by the spear, not just morally (
He wants to clear spirce up, like millions of years, now).
As far as goss says Britney is making a new album, the source who has a personal understanding of everything in Britain snapped up \"what album\" well. Ms.
Spirce, you\'re here to get together or ready to be a pro again and bring something to Bridget Moynahan, who bought underwear in brumi, Century City.
Will Tom Brady\'s former baby have a new interest? She tried to seduce, or the expectant mom just wanted to find something sexy for herself, and for whatever reason, she looked \"very normal desk pajamas reported:\" Very pregnant, very high, very thin. \".
\"If you see her from behind, you will never know she is preggers,\" they insist . \".
After a serious split elsewhere, a woman survived. . .
Sophia Bush is with her sisters.
Well, it\'s the fraternity.
The former Troy was a \"surprise celebrity guest\" at the University of Southern California charity event, where she took photos and signed with the excited girl. Soph-
The baby is wearing a yellow lacoster shirt and jeans.
My sorta said, \"she\'s super beautiful and more beautiful --\"saccharine spy.
Like chummy elsewhere. . .
JC Chasez had an in-depth conversation with a boy bud. The post-
The premiere of \"on Women\'s Land\" at the Cabana Club on Monday. The blue-Boy in front of eyes
Beibei Boud, dressed in a black sweater, was wrapped in a large gray scarf as if he were crossing the cold Arctic tundra.
Come on, brother. it\'s April in hell. Ay.
The Wind in the dump is not so bad!
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