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having trouble sleeping? dry january could be giving you insomnia

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-07
It\'s been six days since January at 3: 36 a. m. and my boyfriend and I were lying in bed staring at the ceiling, though we \'ve been awake since 7-smug because we didn\'t have a hangover.
Flying through the smoke of a bunch of hot wine and cocktails on December, I am fully committed to getting my kidneys to take a break and restore my productivity with a month\'s ban, but the weird insomnia that followed was unexpected.
I have been trying to sleep for weeks.
As someone who is usually easy to fall asleep, I was suddenly overwhelmed by a spinning brain that refused to shut up, even if I knew I was exhausted.
It has to be one of the most frustrating feelings-lying there quietly knowing that every minute you are still awake is one minute closer to the time you have to wake up.
Anyone with insomnia knows that deadlines, boss and breakfast meetings don\'t go away just because you can\'t sleep.
I tried everything-avoid using the device before going to bed, have dinner early, drink tea promises to relax you, and the pillow spray claims to put you into a happy sleep-without any effect.
After a week of torture, I realized it was the first time I decided to stop drinking as an adult.
The quick scan on Twitter shows that I\'m not alone-it seems like a common side effect for those of us who are trying to detox after excessive drinking.
She is 28 years old and lives in London and works in the PR department.
She is not a drinker, but she has also decided to benefit herself by reducing her drinking in January.
Like me, she has been struggling with insomnia since then and has been doing her best to solve the problem with bad luck.
\"I get up early-usually around 5: 30-and I always go to bed around 10 and fall asleep without any problems,\" she said . \".
\"But it\'s really a struggle since I stopped drinking a glass of wine at night, and I can find myself waking up at one o\'clock A. M. , and I sometimes have a job that is physically demanding, that means around three o\'clock P. M. and I\'m ready to crash every day.
This is a nightmare.
\"At first, she thought it was just a change in her daily routine because she expected to feel great when she gave up drinking.
\"It took me a while to connect the dots, but when I realized it was a lack of alcohol, I thought I must have been detoxifying-but it didn\'t get better, she said.
Dr. Natasha Bijlani is a consultant to a psychiatrist in the United States.
She explained that it was not uncommon for people who drank too much-even occasionally, as many of us did during the festival: \"Most people don\'t know, if they stop drinking and stay awake, they may have serious sleep problems for a long time after they stop drinking.
This is because the use of alcohol affects sleep patterns, and it may take a little time for the body to adapt to the normal sleep cycle, which is not induced by chemicals.
In addition, the symptoms of withdrawal [
Such as restless leg syndrome or anxiety
It may be uncomfortable, and these may keep people awake at night.
\"Anyone who drinks a lot will know that after the initial energy burst, the inhibitors in alcohol will make us feel sleepy and tired, making it easier to fall asleep.
When your brain is used to using alcohol as a cane, it may lose its ability to shut down naturally without relying on chemical inhibitors.
But there may be other factors here.
James Wilson, a sleep specialist, worked with him to develop a sleep program.
He said: \"While it may be true that the body depends on alcohol to fall asleep, January is also a very stressful period for many people, which may aggravate [symptoms]of insomnia].
January can put a lot of pressure on some people-we are worried about our health and fitness levels, credit card swipes are exploding and finances can be tight.
In addition, we may spend more time with our family than usual, and we don\'t often see our family.
\"Many of us will get rid of normal sleep habits, stay up late and so on during Christmas.
Especially this year\'s decline, as many people go back to work directly in January 2, is also a problem.
While this is correct to some extent, it is hard for me to believe that it is the stress that caused my insomnia.
After all, this is not the first time I have experienced many things.
It was a combination, he explained.
\"We may have been using alcohol to relax ourselves, and all of a sudden we have to deal with the pressure of reality ourselves.
\"The biggest impact on sleep is anxiety, but there are a lot of other factors-for example, you may have started to exercise, and doing exercise before going to bed affects melotonin and also affects our sleep. He explained.
While it is not entirely comforting to hear about the symptoms of Camilla and me for giving up alcohol, on January, Mr. Wilson encouraged us to stick to the end and reminded us that drinking alcohol would harm the quality of sleep, so even if we work less and less, we may have enough rest.
Dr. Bijlani agreed: \"Avoid using other chemicals such as sleeping pills instead of alcohol for insomnia, even those you can buy at the counter, because all chemical active substances and drugs can lead to adverse side effects.
On the contrary, Mr. Wilson suggested making natural changes, which could help
Start our sleep cycle: one of the most important factors is getting up at the same time every day and having plenty of light
The alarm clock based on the alarm clock is also very different because they gently and not suddenly pull us out of sleep.
He suggested avoiding the screen before going to bed, if we were to watch some light-filled shows in front of the TV-so the cooking show was good, but there was no violent crime drama.
After three weeks, my sleep cycle is still a bit bad.
Some nights, when I can\'t sleep, there are others, and the temptation of a glass of wine to help me move forward is still irresistible.
But alcohol did not cure my insomnia, it caused insomnia, and after ten years of not really questioning when I was drinking, why I was drinking, now is the time for me to face the real reason, why, no matter how hard I try, I can\'t seem to turn off the brain, not cover up the problem.
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