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Henry Deeds: How to stop worries sabotaging your sleep

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-03
The phone on my pillow is three o\'clock A. M. .
I have no new mail. No new texts.
I lay on my back and head to sleep desperate, but the thought of panic began to ring in my mind.
By five o\'clock A. M. , I was lying awake.
I resisted the temptation to hang out in the fridge or bathroom --
Admit Failure-
But my shoulder is sore, my eyeballs are itchy, and my stomach seems to be rolling.
Dry blade sashimi.
After a while, the fingers of the sun climbed in from the blinds, and even worse, the birds began to sing --a-long.
When my alarm clock rings at 6
When I was in my 30 s, I rested under the duvet and let out a hissing sound of injury.
Welcome to my morning.
I \'ve been trying to get some sleep for the past eight months.
I have no problem with the start part.
After 10 minutes of evening news, I usually get dizzy.
But barely failed, my demons showed up between 3 and 4 in the morning. I am single.
I have a double bed.
I don\'t have squeaky kids, only dogs with me on weekends.
Why do I lose sleep?
Not just me.
About the British suffer from some degree of insomnia.
A recent survey focusing on professionals between the ages of 18 and 60 found that when we should all target at least 7 to 8 hours, the average of 46 people gets only 5 to 6 hours a night.
Some time after the new year, my insomnia broke out.
On Sunday, I wrote a newspaper column at work, which was particularly stressful and nervous.
I was not happy with what I wrote and woke up in the middle of the night.
Since then, I often wake up four times a week at three o\'clock A. M. and find it difficult to get back to sleep.
I have tried lavender oil, chrysanthemum tea and hot milk drinks.
I even tried to cook a disgusting potion recommended by the local hippie health store, which included valerian root, an herb for anxiety.
But I refused to take prescription drugs.
I \'ve had enough trouble getting myself out of cigarettes and candy in the past --
I will never have a machine that makes whale noise until you ask.
When my editor suggested that I meet Dr. Guy Meadows, one of the UK\'s leading sleep pathologists, I was desperate.
Dr. Meadows is the founder of Sleep School in London and the clinical director of sleep performance, a course designed to help people stand out from stressful work by improving their sleepeye. He is so well-
He believes that a long list of corporate giants, including Unilever and Price Waterhouse Cooper, regularly send him exhausted employees to ensure a more efficient workforce.
\"This is the first time in history that we work longer than we sleep,\" Dr. Meadows said . \".
\"When we work later, we get home and still want some social time.
\"So even if we have to get up at the same time, we get up longer and look at a box.
This means less sleep.
The most powerful performance booster in the world. \" Indeed.
Last week, a study showed that people with less than 6 hours a night are more likely to cough and catch a cold.
When we don\'t get enough sleep, we get into the immune system.
Suppression reduces our ability to fight disease.
Our waist circumference is also at risk.
The 40-year-old star chef, Jamie Oliver, recently blamed all the spare tires he had been carrying for poor sleep --
He survived in three months. and-a-
Half an hour a night
Now he goes to bed at ten o\'clock P. M.
Will you be fat if you don\'t sleep well?
\"Very good,\" said Meadows.
\"There are two hormones that regulate our appetite.
What makes us feel satiated is the level of insulin;
Our appetite is caused by hunger.
When we sleep
They were deprived of their rights.
We had a decrease in the level of insulin and an increase in the level of stomach hunger.
\"In addition to running classes, Meadows will do one --to-
Patients with chronic insomnia
He got me in touch with Valerie etimadi, 59, who is a marketing researcher at Surrey lyserhead.
After a particularly tense week last summer, Valerie began sleeping on a strange, bad night.
Then it became normal.
It took her six months and she didn\'t sleep at least three nights a week.
\"It\'s sudden that you can\'t sleep.
\"I haven\'t had a problem before, but there have been some changes in my life,\" she told me . \".
\"My business is going through a downturn, which is worrying.
I have an elderly mother and I am worried about her but I have not taken care of the stress.
\"On nights when I can\'t sleep, my mind is full of thought and anxiety: why can\'t I sleep, how will I deal with it tomorrow if I don\'t sleep, and if what happens. . and so on.
\"Even the slightest concern was magnified in the middle of the night.
I am completely overwhelmed by anxiety.
The more I try to analyze why I do this or force myself to sleep, the more stressful I am.
\"Like me, Valerie has tried almost every remedy.
I try to meditate.
I read somewhere that it helps if you eat carbs before going to bed.
I tried a glass of wine.
No one does anything.
\"I talked to my doctor and the doctor told me not to worry about it, just getting up and watching TV, which didn\'t help much.
\"At the end of the day, I went to a workshop by Dr. Medo and it had a huge impact.
I learned to accept the anxiety I suffered.
The way Dr Meadows describes it is to imagine a room where all your concerns are and embrace them.
\"When you face a whole bunch of useless ideas, you get stuck with them and let them affect how you behave,\" Dr. Meadows explained . \"
Or you can hug them and accept their presence by giving them interesting names.
\"It seems that by making friends with them, you relax their control over you.
\"I still have periods of insomnia,\" Valerie said . \".
\"But I learned not to hit it --
I just said to myself: it doesn\'t matter if I don\'t sleep. I will deal with it.
\"But can it work for me?
Unlike patients with chronic insomnia like Valerie, whose poor sleep problems snowball to the point where they are afraid of sleep, he says I suffer from \"short-term insomnia\" caused by stressful daytime experiences \".
The key to overcoming insomnia is simply eliminating these external pressures.
\"What kind of things do you worry about when you wake up at night?
Asked Dr. Meadows.
I told him that my recurring anxiety made a rant when writing articles, but realized my mistake when it was too late at night.
\"Everything is normal,\" he said with a smile . \"
\"We have 50,000 to 60,000 rounds of ideas a day, which is negative.
\"I like it very much because of the evolutionary importance of negative thinking.
We wouldn\'t be here today if we didn\'t worry about eating everything we had.
The question is how much we bought.
\"He suggests starting a basic exercise called thought fusion that includes learning to observe your thoughts and seeing them as a product of your busy mind rather than\" buying \"them.
One idea he suggested was to give each concern a nickname: for example, my writing concern would be \"Growler \".
\"We have no control over these ideas,\" he said . \"
Only when they start to consume us will they become a problem.
\"By giving them names, you can speed up the process of integration, so you can acknowledge them when unpleasant ideas come up --
Oh, the Roar again-
Then go back to what you are doing.
\"The other thing that kept me awake was, some nights, that horrible feeling,\" What\'s the point of all this?
To this end, he recommended something called \"value focus.
He suggested making a mental list on the way home from work, pointing out three things that I did that day, no matter how small.
Then, the night I went home, I should have planned to do three more things.
It\'s as simple as reading 20 pages or calling relatives.
Most importantly, they should be tasks that are not related to work.
By focusing on things that are valuable to you, the brain will relax and improve the level of serum (
Happy hormones)
It is essential to get quality sleep.
On a more practical level, there are some basic
He said we must all stick to it.
Although it may be tempting at night, pouring yourself a bottle of Vino Collapso doesn\'t do you any good.
\"Alcohol is a calming agent and a stimulant,\" said Dr. Meadows . \"
\"So, when a lot of people use it to help us fall asleep, it works on some of the chemicals in the brain, and unfortunately it\'s metabolized very fast, too, that it will make the body more eager.
\"When we drink near bedtime, we are more likely to wake up in the early hours of the morning, which makes us less energetic and unable to cope during the day.
\"From experience, it takes an hour to process a unit of alcohol, so if you have a drink at seven o\'clock P. M. , you\'ll be fine by ten o\'clock P. M.
Ideally, you should avoid ingesting unmetabolized alcohol in your body.
In addition, smartphone and tablet devices may be ideal for browsing in front of the TV, but they are poorly prepared to sleep.
The LCD screen sends out \"blue light\", which is the same light as the sun, thus seriously damaging our sleep hormone.
\"Checking your Facebook at night is like shining a miniature sun in your eyes,\" says Meadows . \".
\"Our biological clock has become chaotic and we start to think it\'s day again.
Your body begins to suppress the sleep hormone melatonin and begins to release the conscious hormone, the cortex hormone.
\"However, I have to admit that I was a little shocked on the first night of seeing a post-doc in meadows.
I have been preparing to interview him, so I feel very nervous.
Instead of focusing on the exercises he gave me, I spent the evening on the mouse. a-tat-
The conversation on the keyboard, the sleep of my shabby iPad --
Suck blue light and scorch my retina.
I also bought myself a gin in midweek.
When I rudely treated everything he told me, I could almost imagine the painful expression on his face.
I had another restless night, and the next day I was walking around like a living night.
The following week I decided to give it up properly.
Not easy-
I find it tricky to change the routine.
I set all my little troubles as silly nicknames.
There is a question about making mistakes at work (The Howler);
The fear of having to put my dog to sleep (The Lily)
Countless questions about whether I can complete an article (The Can I Cope? ).
I think it\'s ridiculous to do this, but I understand the logic.
As Dr. Meadows pointed out, these ideas are annoying.
Some appeared six times in a morning.
But sorting by name will reduce their size.
They become familiar, even boring, and less scary.
I also started to list three things I did that day.
Write it down and I realize that I have achieved more than I thought.
That night I decided to call my brother and have a late visit to the recycle bin.
I think I tied up all my loose stuff.
Kind of like having a clean wardrobeout.
I still wake up at three o\'clock A. M. on these two nights.
My phone was on the pillow but I turned it over so its screen down and I decided not to check it or even tell the time.
Most importantly, I usually get back to sleep after nagging my concerns for a small amount of time without showing up.
I may be too optimistic, but it is worth noting that I have 7 hours for both nights.
I feel happier, clearer and healthier than before.
Now, I need to close some more if you can forgive me-eye. . . -
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