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High quality infant crib mattress is designed to keep infant healthy

High quality infant crib mattress is designed to keep infant healthy


Infants are extremely delicate and they can fall sick quickly if proper care is not taken. One of the major health problems faced is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) which affects infants who are less than one year old. The unexplained death of the infant due to SIDS usually takes place in the morning till 9 am and it is believed that it is related to the sleeping off the child. Hence parents should take care to ensure that the child is comfortable while sleeping and has the best quality silicone mattress available so that the infant sleeps well to get proper rest.

Research by the National Institute for Child Health and Human Development has indicated that infants who are kept on harder mattresses are less likely to suffer from SIDS compared to infants who are placed on softer mattresses. The infant silicone mattress should be designed so that it is comfortable for the infant, and it should also provide sufficient support for the delicate bones of the infant which are growing. It is highly recommended that the silicone mattress selected is firm enough, if the buyer will apply pressure on the infant crib-mattress, and it should not get squeezed easily. 

However, the caretaker for the infant will have to lift the mattress often to change the sheets which used to cover it. Hence though a denser silicone mattress is preferred, it should not be very heavy, so that the infant caretaker can easily move the mattress whenever required. The foam silicone mattress is lighter than an innerspring mattress of similar size. This silicone mattress has been designed after doing extensive research and is soft enough to be comfortable and hard enough to offer the support required for the spine of the infant in all the sleeping positions like back sleeping and side sleeping. 

It is not advisable to use a mattress for children and adults for the infant since the support requirements for the infant are different. Typically the weight of the infant is 10 kg and hence the infant crib-mattress is designed with an inner thickness 3 cm and a total thickness with a cover of 5 cm. The mattress has an inner cover which is made of a combination of 81% nylon and 19% spandex, so it is stretchable to some extent. The overall dimensions of the standard silicone mattress are 132 lengths and 70 cm width, making it suitable for infants of age up to three years. This size is also convenient for handling and carrying from place to another.

While older babies and children will spend most of their time crawling, walking or sitting, infants are delicate and are spending almost all their time lying in their crib. Hence the infant crib mattress is made from food-grade silicone so that even if the mouth of the infant will touch the mattress surface, he will not have any health problem since the material is non-toxic. The material used is treated with chemicals to ensure that bacteria and mite do not flourish in the mattress so that the infant will remain safe, does not get any kind of infection or bites from mites.

To ensure that the baby is comfortable at all time, the material used for the silicone mattress has excellent air permeability with up to three million holes per square meter of the material which is used. Hence even if the infant will sweat, the airflow will ensure that the baby is comfortable. The material which is used is designed so that it can be washed easily, either manually or using a washing machine without affecting its structure and properties. If required, this silicone mattress can be washed at a high temperature of up to 100-degree centigrade to disinfect it. The design of the infant crib-mattress also ensures that there is no residual moisture in the mattress after drying. 

Though the rectangular silicone mattress with a weight of 2100 grams is the most popular mattress, it is possible to customize the silicone mattress according to the buyer requirement. For example, a circular silicone mattress can be provided on request, and the hardness of the mattress, colour as well as the size of the mattress can be changed. In addition to white, pink, blue and peach are some of the popular colours of the mattress. Hence by using the high-quality crib mattresses for infants, parents can ensure that their infant is happy, healthy, comfortable and sleeps well.

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