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Under the guidance of Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd’s view of soft mattress topper, we more firmly implement the development strategy for the benefits of company. Contact us! The Specialized Manufacturer of cushion OPeREAL's baby crib mattress has more advantages over similar products in terms of technology and quality. OPeREAL always gives priority to customers and services. With a great focus on customers, we strive to meet their needs and provide optimal solutions.

The filter in the waterway filter is always broken. what is going on? It may be that the quality of the filter is not good, and it may be that the filtering accuracy selected is not appropriate.

What is the filtering accuracy of large flow water filter? This question is a bit general. The salt removal rate of the general high-precision filter is generally more than 98%. If it is a large flow, the accuracy may be slightly lower, but it will not be too low, and it is also near 98%.Specific accuracy you can consult the producer.The knowledge of reverse osmosis, you can also search the Internet to learn more about Xingrui.
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