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As shown in the figure, the filter installation plan used by a classmate to remove difficult soluble impurities in water. try to answer: (1) write the name of the label instrument: ______, (1) a is an iron frame in the figure,B is a funnel,Therefore, the answer is: iron frame;Funnel;(2) the function of the glass rod is to import the liquid into the funnel,Filter paper edge is higher than the liquid level,Therefore, fill in: drainage;Above;(3) filtration can remove solids that are not soluble in water,Therefore, fill in: insoluble;(4) the principle of filtration is that the solid cannot pass through the small hole on the filter paper,The liquid can pass through the small hole on the filter paper. any mistake that can't be filtered by the filter will enter the filter,Can cause turbidity of the leachate;In addition,If the beaker of the filter is not clean, the same result will be caused. for example, the filter paper is damaged, the liquid level is higher than the edge of the filter paper when filtering,

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Linster LST-200 can you install a front filter after this water purifier is installed? Well, you need to know how the company that buys insurance can send water purifiers. unless you buy insurance there, why do others send you, that is, add the machine fee to the installation fee, you know there is no free lunch in the world. If you send it directly, there is no request
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