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How long it will take for ODM processing?
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Can the water after coagulation be removed with a 150um filter? What you are talking about should be the sedimentation or floating objects after coagulation. the accuracy of 150 microns is very low. the accuracy of 1 micron cannot remove the turbidity of water, let alone 150 microns. it can be used with a folding filter element of 0.1 microns, the effect is more ideal and the amount of water is large. there are 5-inch 10-inch 20-inch 30-inch 40-inch security filters available, which are folded in the filter element and played by pure hands.

How to calculate the amount of water consumed during self-cleaning filter cleaning? According to the working pressure and the caliber of the sewage valve, the sewage discharge flow can be roughly estimated, and then multiplied by the cleaning time (that is, the time when the sewage valve opens the sewage discharge), the amount of water consumed by each cleaning can be obtained. Details can be QQ: 7243023. according to the 150 caliber, how many tons of water per hour, how long can the sewage be calculated to see the water meter
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