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How many production lines does OPeREAL run?
Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd upholds a fearless spirit towards making mistakes and constantly seeks innovations. Based on that, we overcome various difficulties during the development. We gain numerous honorary qualifications in the industry. OPeREAL has obvious geographical advantages with great traffic convenience. OPeREAL always adheres to the service concept to meet customers' needs. We are committed to providing customers with one-stop solutions that are timely, efficient and economical. mesh silicone rubber pillow, mesh silicone rubber mattress ODM services are in offer at OPeREAL.

What is the filtration principle of activated carbon rod filter? The activated carbon filter element is heated and sintering by adding activated carbon particles to the binder.The innermost layer of the filter element is polypropylene skeleton,To strengthen the pressure resistance of the filter element.There are two layers of polypropylene microfiber felt on the skeleton,It can intercept the liquid and bring out particles greater than 10 microns through the carbon core.The outer layer of the fusion filter element is covered with two layers of polypropylene microfiber felt,Can intercept the liquid to be greater than 10-20 micron particles,The filter element has the dual function of filtration and purification.The outermost layer is the white plastic mesh sleeve,The filter element has a complete appearance and a neat appearance.The two ends of the filter element are equipped with soft rubber end caps,After the filter element is loaded into the filter cartridge, it has good sealing performance.The finished

How to place ceramic rings and germ houses? Principle of placement of germ houses: (1) 'does not affect the smoothness of water passing through ';(2) 'put as much as possible '.Methods: (1) drill several small eyes on the wall;(2) both flat and vertical.Determined by the size of the filtered space,If there is enough space, how can you put it,If the space is small (such as the filter on the finished cylinder), the water speed will be increased neatly.Can be used in all biological filters,External filter,A drop purification filtration system and a garden pond filter.As an efficient and durable filter material, it is also particularly suitable for small biological filters,Biological filter cotton can be used as a front filter material to avoid pollution caused by floating objects.Because the ceramic ring is covered with micro-holes,Suitable for the reproduction of nitrobacteria,It can play a role in purifying water quality.The germ houses are all cylinders,There are many small holes in the side,This struc
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