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How to Choose Clothes for a Child

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-27
It\'s a good idea to stick to a color scheme when you buy baby clothes.
The bright colors are neutral, easier to see than the pastel colors, and not easy to get dirty.
This is a very good idea for a coat
In the busy supermarket, it is much easier to see a child wearing a bright red jacket than a light pink one. Be practical.
The baby is not neat, so no matter how cute it is, you will want everything to be machine washed.
Fancy clothes are not practical at all because they often interfere with movement and are usually uncomfortable.
Clothes made of cotton and other natural fabrics are more comfortable, especially in hot weather.
The clothes deducted are better than those deducted;
You can adjust the buckle as the child grows, but you have to move the button.
Please keep in mind that more expensive clothes are not necessarily better.
You have to check every item, especially since the baby size is not standardized.
Don\'t be afraid to take items out of plastic packaging.
Check if the seam is done well and the stitching is firm.
The knitted fabric is strong and not thin.
Good sources of clothes are thrift stores and other parents whose children have grown up.
Both sources usually have new baby clothes.
You\'ll want to thoroughly clean the items you \'ve used once or twice before, or use a little bleach.
In addition, check the labels on the pajamas that were previously worn to ensure that the item meets the flame-
The following sections on infant clothing discuss flame retardant standards.
Obviously, the place you live in and the season of the birth of your child determine your initial layup needs.
If it is up to you to acquire this basic knowledge (
That is, if you do not receive them as gifts)
You are not sure what you need to get some ideas by talking to other parents or observing the clothes of other babies.
Keep in mind that most babies only wear the newborn number for a few weeks.
And remember to wash new and previously worn items before your baby wears them.
It is important not to wear too much clothes for the baby, especially when the temperature is hot.
The best rule of thumb is to wear as many clothes as possible on babies.
Also, your baby may feel warm if you feel warm.
So when you dress your baby in cold temperatures, go to some warm places like grocery stores or shopping malls and relax or take off some clothes.
Many parents took off their coats indoors, leaving heavy parcels for the baby.
The following suggestions will help you organize your original underwear: buy four to six pieces of underwear in three bedroomsto six-month-
The old size, because these are usually made of cotton, there is a tendency for cotton to shrink to some extent.
Some parents find it easier to wear new baby underwear with side buckles.
Also popular is
A piece-by-piece style that pulls down diapers and snaps at the crotch. The one-
Pieces prevent the shirt from rolling up, which often happens in other styles.
Underwear of all styles is usually white, solid and printed.
You may want four or six pairs of socks.
Make sure they fit the baby\'s feet comfortably.
Handcuffs boots and socks made of elastic materials seem to work best.
Babies often introduce other styles.
Pajamas: six to ten sleep clothes.
These items can be feet, elastic clothes, or dresses.
Blanket sleepers heavier than stretch clothing are good for a cold climate.
The advantage of the dress is that it is easier to change diapers.
They also allow more freedom of movement for older babies.
However, in the past, it was sometimes found that the rope at the bottom of these clothes was wrapped around the baby\'s toes and ankles, cutting off the blood circulation.
In the newer gown, replace the rope with a closed plastic strip so that there is no loose end to cut off the loop.
If you choose pajamas with feet, don\'t wear socks for your baby.
They can cause the baby\'s feet to get too warm and can lead to a disease called sweat-wet sock dermatitis.
Clothing designated as pajamas must meet the flame-
Flame retardant standards established by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 1970 s
Label or label the new dress with \"pajamas;
The label of the other clothing says: \"It is not intended as a pajamas.
\"Polyester is the most commonly used fabric in pajamas because it is essentially a flame fabrictardant.
Cotton must be chemically treated to reach the flame-
Flame retardant standard.
If you use clothes worn before, you should know that on 1977, the consumer goods safety board banned flame retardant called Tris;
It can cause cancer in animals.
Do not use clothes or pajamas marked with Tris or Fyrol treated.
Hat or hat: two hats or hats are enough.
They have a variety of styles and fabrics-
From a lightweight cotton stretch cap to a heavy cotton or acrylic cap.
The type you choose depends on the climate.
Make sure the hats and hats are small enough so they can continue to be worn so you can put them away from the baby\'s face so he can\'t turn his head and suffocate.
Sweater: a sweater is probably enough.
Make sure the knitting is tight enough so that the small fingers are not wrapped inside.
Make sure there is any decoration on the sweater
Or wear any clothes-
Not to be careful to be swallowed by the baby. Avoid glued-on novelties.
Whether you need to wear a snowsuit or a snowsuit, of course, it depends on the climate of the place you live in.
The color flags are basically quilting or knitted zippers
Up bag with Hood.
Linen is convenient as they are easy to put your kids in.
However, if you choose the colored flag, be sure to make sure that there is an appropriate gap at the bottom of it to ensure the seat of the car and the seat belt of the stroller.
Most current styles have such features;
Old styles may not.
You want three or six baby blankets.
Most newborns like the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket safely.
Receiving blankets is a smaller, lightweight blanket and is ideal for achieving this goal.
You can also use them to protect your clothes when you have hiccups.
Cotton is a good choice.
Cashmere, woven and knitted reception blankets are also available.
Also, you may need a crib blanket.
This is usually a heavier blanket designed to meet the standards
Size of crib mattress.
Use it to cover sleeping babies and use it as an extra package for going out in cold weather.
Make sure all blankets are soft and machine washable.
The children grew up at an amazing rate in the first year.
When you don\'t know it, your child has grown up.
In the next section, we will check the clothes for the children.
This information is for reference only.
Its purpose is not to provide medical advice.
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