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How to purchase travel head support for adults ?
Dongguan OPeREAL Commercial and Trading Co.,Ltd could customize comprehensive and efficient solutions according to customers' different needs. OPeREAL's children pillow has a wide range of applications. For more product information, please feel free to contact OPeREAL. foam bed topper produced by OPeREAL is very popular in the market.

How about the type of air filter and the applicable range please let me know Air filters commonly used in ventilation and air conditioning engineering have coarse-effect filters, medium-effect filters and efficient (or sub-efficient) filters,The filter material should have the function of fire prevention, moisture prevention and insect prevention.(1) coarse filter: Generally made into block body installed on the bracket,Most of the filter materials are metal wire mesh, glass fiber, coarse hole polyammonia phenol foam and other materials.The coarse filter mainly uses the inertia collision of the air flow,The dust particles with a larger particle size (5 μm) are separated from the air flow.In order to increase the filter area (that is, increase the air handling capacity ),Reduce footprint,The 'human' glyph structure is often used.In order to facilitate the replacement of cleaning filter material,Can be made into drawer type,And automatic oil immersion filter, automatic winding filter.The metal mesh of the

Standard Atlas of fresh air exchange machines 06K301-1 Air-Selection and installation of air Energy Recovery Device '(fresh air exchange machine part) I. basic structure of fresh air exchange machine: the fresh air exchange machine is mainly composed of heat exchange system, power system, filtration system, control system, noise reduction system and box body.1. the heat exchange system, whether at home or abroad,The heat exchanger used on the fresh air exchange machine has two forms of static and rotation, and the runner heat exchanger also belongs to the rotary type.From the perspective of normal use and maintenance,Static type is better than rotary type,But for mainframes larger than 2x10000m3/h,Generally, it can only be realized by the runner heat exchanger,Therefore, it can be said that both static and rotary have their own advantages and disadvantages.In order to easily arrange the air flow passage in the equipment,To reduce the volume of the whole machine,The fresh air exchange machine adopts a fork cur
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