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i too would love to go to prison!

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-21
Let\'s say someone breaks into my house and cleans up my cash reserves.
If I send him to my farmhouse in the name of imprisonment, imagine him using my TV, walking in my garden, eating food in the refrigerator, read all the newspapers I subscribed to in the farmhouse.
If he doesn\'t want to wear the clothes I gave him, if I try to reform him and ask him to reflect on his misconduct, should I allow him to bring his own comfortable clothes, or make him look forward to the time in the farmhouse if I reward him or stop him, if I do not take strong measures to recover my lost savings, if my money is not returned according to the law, I met a VIP prisoner at Birsa Munda prison for criminals 1528.
He\'s not an ordinary criminal.
He gets as much justice as he can afford.
In a cell of 100 square feet, a soft mattress was placed on a hard bed with an attached bathroom and he requested and got a western style
The stylish toilet, the refrigerator that drops him eye drops and other drugs, the TV that sees what\'s happening around the world, keeps him awake in newspapers --to-
Two chefs and ample supply of fresh vegetables and meat.
I have a feeling that he even bought the prisoner number of tots up to 7, hoping to get lucky in the appeal of the high court.
In the criminal justice system, there is at least one representation of equality among the economic class, that is, in prison.
Prisons are prisons, whether rich or poor.
Now, even this horizontal device can be well manipulated.
Close the prisoner, who can afford all the comfort while in prison.
They know how to fight for freedom in prison.
There are clearly two criminal justice systems in India.
One is those who are rich, famous or influential and have the ability to hire top-level employees
First-class lawyers and public relations companies have certain privileges due to their celebrity status or the size of their bank accounts.
Another judicial system serves others.
The judgment and punishment of our VIP prisoners even mocked the tribal memory-Birsa Munda-the name of the prison is well known.
Although Birsa lived for only a short 25 years, he awakened the tribes and mobilized them at Chota Nagpur, which was a horror for the British rulers.
Birsa is said to have the power of 100 elephants because he was seen bending the British rifle with his hand, and also seeing the tearing machine made by the British in the factory attacked by tribal groups.
Birsa\'s campaign to defend the tribe is important in at least two ways.
First, it forced the colonial government to introduce laws so that the land of the tribe would not be easily taken away.
Second, it shows the ability of the tribal people to protest injustice and express their anger at colonial rule.
There is speculation about what the imprisonment of this VIP prisoner will lead.
Nor does it set a precedent for this fraudulent thinking.
Nor did it change his mind in any way.
All it does is to send a message to the average person, that is, embezzlement is a good gain --rich-
A quick plan, not a crime.
You may not be required to return the money or auction your assets to recover the money.
In fact, the same taxpayer\'s money will also fund your luxury accommodation in the VIP cell.
Yes, the cherry on the cake is that after six years, your fame and council ticket can be redeemed so that you can commit more such crimes. Wow!
With these decorations, I don\'t think the crime is that bad.
I want to go to jail too.
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