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Infants should sleep on their backs - U.S. doctors

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-28
Boston, October 18Reuters)-
Let the baby back to sleep on a sturdy crib mattress in the same room, and their parents are on the list of baby safety sleep guides released on Tuesday in the United StatesS. pediatricians.
American Society of Pediatrics (AAP)
An organization of 60,000 pediatricians first said in 1992 that babies should be placed in a non-
In order to avoid sudden infant death syndrome, sleeping prone position.
A new report released at the organization\'s national conference in Boston suggested that babies sleep completely in the back every time they sleep and pointed out this
Sleep is not safe.
Some supervised sobriety
It is recommended to spend time on your stomach.
AAP\'s series of 18 proposals are designed to help guide parents, healthcare providers and others who take care of their babies after increased sleep --
Related deaths in the past few years.
The expanded recommendation focuses extensively on creating a safe sleeping environment that can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, suffocation, trapping and suffocation, the report said.
The guide also recommends that you do not place soft items and loose bedding such as quilts, pillows and even bumper pads in your crib.
According to the guidelines, babies should not sleep frequently in sitting devices such as car seats and strollers, and should not sleep on beds that may suffocate.
Suggestions for infants under one year of age highlight the importance of regular prenatal care for pregnant women and encourage smoking
Free environment for pregnant women and children. (
For more information about the guide, see: www. Healthy Childrenorg/safesleep)
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