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Jays\' Maile fully understands the deal -- hit or sink

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-07
Luke Myler is a player, not a boxer.
But when he looked back on his 2017 season, he was not hit this week.
Blue jays No.
The fact that the catcher was very disappointed with his offensive output on Saturday and vowed to do better in 2018 was very honest.
To be frank, it would be better for him to do the same or else he might lose his job.
\"When they hit the ball, no one had a good time playing the game.
150, \"said Maile. 146 in 130 at-
Japanese bat last year.
\"It\'s hard to sleep at night.
It\'s hard not to think about it when you have lunch and dinner.
It controls your life.
But I\'m going to change my sleep habits this year and hit a few times before I put my head on my pillow.
Russell Martin, of course, is the number one player in the club.
1 catcher, although he talked this week about when to take a vacation and take a break for 35 days. year-old body. The Toronto-
The born catcher said the best year of his career was in 2014, when he competed in 111 Pittsburgh Pirates (
107 as an introduction)
Rest every three days.
Martin hit that season. 290 with a . 832 OPS.
So, Mahler has a big chance in front of him.
If Martin keeps his word, he may play more in a grand slam than ever before.
Maile did well on defense, especially in the game.
There was almost no failure last season, and whenever he showed up in the lineup, he was hailed by the start of the day.
But he paid the price for his struggle on the plate, and Maile realized that he had to produce it with a bat or his long time
Future of professional terms-
Although coach John Gibbons is still a super fan, the league catcher could be in danger.
\"When he came back after a knee injury, I thought he was swinging the bat better in the last month,\" Gibbons said . \".
\"There are many times when he has nothing to show (even though)
He threw most of the ball away.
But in this role
As backup catcher)
I like a guy who does a good job in the bowler and he proved to us last year that he can do it.
\"I think we need him,\" added Marco Estrada, Jays starter.
\"He is the one I like.
Even if the bat is not there, he will bring a lot of things when he is behind the plate.
He said his game was very good and he had cannons so not many people tried to steal him.
This is a lot of just playing.
Maile started his minor.
The league has a career in the Tampa Bay Ray organization and is known for being a good defender and may be hit by a catcher.
He\'s not playing low.
268 in the first three years of the minor, he joined some pop music.
However, it did not follow him to the show.
\"The number I put forward (last year)
\"Someone should be able to do it with one arm and one leg,\" he said . \".
\"It\'s not very good.
I have admitted many times.
I will not stop admitting this, but I will forget it too.
Mahler readily admitted that after a game last season, whenever the media approached him and conveyed to him the praise of the starter pitcher, he turned his eyes.
Basically, he\'s tired of being told he\'s at 0-for-4.
\"I\'m not really annoyed (at you guys)
\"It\'s more about myself,\" Maile said . \".
\"I definitely don\'t want to be put in the box where you get the\" defense \"tag.
I am willing to change a brand this year.
I think the key to my success is to stay healthy and swing on a better course, and I think it\'s more patient in general.
I think I had some stressful situations last year.
As Gibbons pointed out, Mel played in pain for most of last season and later found that he had a torn meniscus on his knee, which made his swing
But he did not use that as an excuse.
Maile stood at the age of 6 and said, \"I don\'t doubt my talent. I don\'t doubt my size and strength . \"foot-
Three and 225 pounds.
\"I think when I start on every-bat.
Having is a good problem, but having at the same time is a bad problem. I care so much.
I want to do a good job, I want to impress you, all your normal feelings as a player, but keeping everything slow is something I need to learn a lot.
\"Change --
UPBlue Jays starter Marco Estrada basically did two things off the fieldseason. “(I worked on)
\"Strengthen my core strength and make my back feel better, I cast more change,\" he said . \".
Though bounce back from the middle
The season plummeted last year (
He blamed it on sleep difficulties)
Estrada said there was a problem with his change.
Up, when you use it to set 88-Fast ball 90 miles per hour
\"I needed that stadium a bit, so I stayed,\" Estrada said . \".
Estrada thinks he\'s starting to wire his change.
When he slowed down the delivery
\"So I think it\'s easier for the batsman to catch the ball,\" he said . \".
\"Its location is the largest.
I try to focus on one place and hit it as much as I can.
But it feels really good so far. “I could see (last year)
\"My arm didn\'t really go through the area because I was trying to baby it,\" he added . \".
\"I noticed that my arm slowed down and it was much better once I got back to the arm and passed through the area.
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