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Luxury and fitness are key to all-inclusive’s new wave

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-07
When calm, it seems reasonable how far you will go to sleep south of the border.
Induction facilities are part of all facilities
All-inclusive package for luxury Pacific waterfront resort facing Madre ranges. Here, all-
Dining, 24-dining, gourmet, inclusive
Room Service (fresh-
Make guac and chips at 2 in the morning. m. Yes. )
Spacious and modern-
Style Suites, outdoor and indoor fitness classes, and night shows in the scenic pool-
Inlaid front yard.
Navarit is ready at 20-
Puerto Vallarta airport is only a few minutes\' drive away.
Walking into the hall, it was topped by the tallest thatched house.
On the roof of palapa in Mexico, guests can enjoy fresh fruits.
Drinks and shoulder massages.
The concierge team showed you all the room features and it was clear that the quality of service was a sign of independence Mexico --
Based on the Velas brand. “All-
\"Tolerance\" is a new wave of luxury goods --class resorts.
Layering of health facilities adds more appeal by eliminating cost stress and over-confidence
Indulge in forever
Food and drinks are provided.
Of course, binging is possible, but the food store offers plenty of healthy alternatives and a vibrant fitness course.
In fact, I skipped the morning coffee for the fresh coffee
Squeeze \"detox\" and \"antioxidant\" vegetable juice.
You can send them to your room or swipe your card at the breakfast buffet.
Seaside paradise has invested in a wealth of sensory fun and created a luxurious vacation script that won repeated visits and referrals.
Some differences: awesome views during the day and at night: start with three connected infinity pools that flow to the edge of the ocean.
As the day changes, postcards-
The perfect view is refreshed every hour.
While happy hedonists are addicted to the constant supply of cocktails, beer, food and snacks, the fitness staff will take water aerobics and scuba introduction classes, playing volleyball and swimming.
The curve design of the resort is designed for physical and mental mobility.
This beautiful building embraces the ground facing the ocean, as ever --
The staff present were safe.
The only place I feel forced
Some happy guests
It was the Koi lounge and I volunteered to dance and sing karaoke there soon.
Calm sea water: added gentle waves of Banderas Bay, the resort\'s flowing theme includes a bowl of Mandra-covered water made up of flowers and leaves that appear in the restaurant and the Se Spa.
Aromatherapy massage and other treatments can make you feel like a body-
Surf in the raging river
I chose seven people.
Station Spa \"journey \"(
$50 or included in spa treatments)
Through the sauna, herbal steam room, shower and hot and cold swimming pool.
After that, I sipped lemon Kiwi potions while browsing fashion magazines.
Musician Roberto Gopal plays water, an exotic, peaceful feeling
Top some yoga classes and etiquette dinners with copper bowls;
Frequency makes water droplets on the surface of the water. All-
Included in Azul (
Choice of a la carte and buffet)
Selva, March
BBQ/cafe with beach and poolside services)
Three fine restaurants featuring local cuisine from France, Italy and Mexico.
In Frida, named after the iconic artist, don\'t let the optional insect mix --
Ins makes you dislike tasting fresh avocado sauce at the tableside trolley.
Healthy options there include fruit sour orange pickled fish, black bean corn sopas, zucchini and coriander, pickled Mayan dishes
There are wild mushrooms and lemon cake with oval cream.
Temptation from health to decadent, including 24-
Hourly room service.
From the pool to the Koi lounge to room service, you can only drink these.
Note: by the pool you will be brought with fruit drinks and house-made truffles.
No, nuts-
It\'s not unhealthy to be covered.
Health suite.
This is Velas spin in the healthy lifestyle suite: 12 with the first-
Living space with yoga mats, hand weights, resistance bands and high floors
End of cycling.
To keep calm and sleep, there is a aromatherapy kit with a variety of scents inside (
I chose lavender but also orange and no medicine)
Soft Nikken Kenko pillow, mattress with magnetic technology and LED lights that simulate the quality of light at dawn and dusk.
In the bathroom, a Lotus head can disperse vitamin C essential oil, which is good for both skin and immunity and helps to enhance the local plant-reinforced Manos kukulam soap.
The second floor is a private terrace with a treatment bed, Jacuzzi and personal training room.
You can watch TV or waves from the fitness bike. The mini-
Refrigerator every day-
The healthy suites contain different snacks and wines.
Instead of beer, soda and junk food (
And a local bottle. made tequila)
Fresh berries, aloe vera and coconut drinks are in the fridge.
I received a bunch of Oreo snacks because I jokingly said \"no cookies --packs.
In a place dedicated to serving people.
Please pay attention to your wishes.
All of this could keep you in your suite, if not for the lure of unlimited pool, beach, neatly trimmed paths and night shows, from salsa to acrobatics to fire clutter
In the distance, the dreamy Madre ranges extend to the calm bay of Banderas in the book city.
Fun activities include cooking classes, aromatherapy classes and Mandala-
Production Workshop.
I took part in a super
Juice demo and tasting led by Argentine chef Yogui.
Mangosteen, jackfruit and MoMA inchi (Peanuts)
The juice was so good that I changed it to margar tower.
Miami chef/cookbook author Robyn Webb humor-
Vegetarian cooking class.
Walking on the playground, I stopped to smell the blooming flowers, watched a few peacocks holding their heads high, and met William the eagle held by his master Paola. The 267-
Suite AAA Five-Diamond Deluxe-
Including winning awards for Conde Nast travelers, travel and leisure, travel city.
Husband and wife were rich during my stay but family
Friendly attractions including all
Children\'s club and lounge.
Everyone, even toddlers, seems relaxed.
In my book, the task is done.
At the end of each day, the spread of lavender took away my sleep --
Eliminating anxiety, my healthy pillow laid a good foundation for sweet dreams.
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