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Make Baby Night Nursing Easy

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-11
Because the biological clock of the newborn baby has not yet been established, it may wake you up often at night.
The baby\'s crying and screaming will make the new parents very tired.
Most new parents are struggling with night care problems.
In fact, night care may be easier if new parents can prepare their baby\'s night necessities in advance and learn how to deal with baby emergencies.
If you are struggling with night care issues, it may be helpful to have some advice and advice from experienced parents here.
Some experienced parents gave me the inspiration to write down these useful tips for night care.
Know what may happen during night care: 1. the baby is hungry or thirsty, the baby is urinating, the diaper or bed is wet, the baby feels too hot or too cold, babies are bitten by mosquitoes or other insects, and poor sleep can lead to breathing difficulties, sudden diseases that control the temperature to create a good sleeping environment.
Window: open the window for fresh air and close before going to bed. 2.
Crib: do not set up a crib under a window or air conditioner. 3.
Clothes and bedding: Don\'t let your baby sleep naked even in hot summer, and protect your baby\'s belly with some light baby blankets.
Turn on the light depending on the temperature-
Weight cotton sleeper or heavy wool sleeper. 4.
Air conditioning: try not to go in the direction of the baby crib.
Adjust the air conditioner to natural wind mode or breeze state during sleep.
Prepare baby\'s daily necessities at night in advance 1. feeding supplies: Breast feeding is more convenient.
Lying down is the ideal choice for feeding at night;
When the baby is small, you may need to put her on the pillow so the baby can reach your nipples.
Or you can store the expressed milk in the refrigerator.
This will save you from being tired of your breasts.
Feeding, let your child be fed by your partner if you are really tired.
If your baby drinks formula, you need to prepare 1-2 ready-to-
Bottle, milk, hot water and cold water.
Don\'t put these supplies too far away from you.
After feeding the baby, give the baby some warm water and keep the mouth clean.
2. diapers and bedding: changing diapers at night can keep your baby dry and comfortable.
Make sure your baby doesn\'t sleep on wet bedding and you have to change it if the bedding gets wet.
So be sure to set aside some clean diapers and bedding.
3. clothes: spitting milk will make your baby\'s clothes dirty and wet, so be sure to prepare two sets of clean baby clothes for the season.
You can buy from baby warehouse.
4. Comfort Products: soft toys, ringing bells, latex nipples or music can calm the baby and provide comfort for the baby.
You can prepare some comforts for the evening.
These comfort items can be very useful if the baby is crying.
5, paper towels: you need paper towels in the evening before and after feeding or replacing, so be prepared.
6. commonly used drugs and thermometer: drugs need to be prepared for insect bites.
If your baby is crying all the time and there is a red flash on the cheek, take your body temperature.
Sometimes you need a rash to go to the hospital, so always prepare some necessary supplies for the baby and yourself in advance. Put them aside.
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