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Many parents unsure which items are safe for baby\'s crib, study says

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-27
A new study shows that toys and colored blankets may make the crib look cute, but many parents do not know that these items can be dangerous in the bed of the newborn.
The researchers surveyed about 500 parents who visited Kansas obstetrics or pediatric clinics.
Parents were asked about safe sleep practices, including where the baby should be when sleeping, and what items the parents thought were safe in the crib.
About 80% said they would put their children on their backs to sleep, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended this as a way to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or unexplained deaths in children under the age of 1.
However, more than 60% of parents said it was safe to put an item in a crib that was actually unsafe, most often a blanket.
[7 baby Myth Debunked] AAP says the safest crib includes only a sturdy crib mattress covered with fitted sheets.
Other items, including bumpers, pillows, loose blankets and plush toys, should not be placed in the sleeping area of the baby because they are in danger of choking or choking, AAP said.
Research researcher
Zachary Kuhlmann of the University of Kansas Medical School-
Wikidto says doctors can do better in talking to their parents about safe sleep for babies.
\"While [safe sleep] information already exists, we are not doing enough to communicate information to our patients,\" Kuhlmann said . \".
Kuhlmann and his colleagues developed a checklist to help doctors discuss safe sleep.
The checklist includes the sleeping position of the baby, the sleeping position (type of bed) and the items in the crib.
The doctor checked the checklist with the parents to assess their knowledge of safe sleep, so the doctor can discuss any misconceptions of the parents about safe sleep.
The new study was published at the American gynecologist conference in Chicago in April.
Since the study was conducted only in two clinics, it is not clear how much these findings affect the rest of the United States.
However, another recent study shows that nearly 400,000 parents in 36 American families. S.
States also found that many parents had misconceptions about safe sleep.
The study found that half of parents in some states, including Alabama, did not put babies on their backs to sleep.
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