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Pain Point

With speed pace of life, people pay more and more attention for the quality of sleep, there is more to sleep than just relaxing and eager to improve the quality of sleep, remit neck and back in order to  keep the new day by full energy. 
Now we have more choice of bedding materials, such as cotton, down, plant particles wheat straw cassia seed, memory foam, gel and latex etc. 


These materials have pros and cons:

Cotton pillow is very comfortable, but not durable.

Down Pillow is on top grade in softness, but no support, and maintenance is very difficult.

Plant particles is better in insect control and insect repellent but softness is poor. 

Polymer memory foam pillow and gel are very soft and cool, but breathability are so bad, there will be VOC hazards after long-term use.

Latex pillow is natural materials, the elasticity is better, but aintenance and natural aging still exists problem, so people developed more various combination of bedding.


We can see common in pillows are Memory Foam+Gel, Down+Gel. Innerspring+Memory Foam or Latex in mattresses. There is no doubt these designs are fantastic, and really gave people special experiences, but if the materials keep no change, just change designs, it cannot obtain a real solution for people's trouble. When can we own a bedding with friendly, comfort, safety, easy preserve, and durability?


We have never stopped thinking of above questions, through 3 years Research and Development and more than 2000 experiments, we grasp every detail during research. 

In result, we have designed and produced a new material which from baby nipple material, the new material was formed by specific production process and made into a honeycomb material, we named it "mesh food grade silicone rubber", It owned all pros of previous beddings materials. 

To protect our research, we patent it from the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) and can authorize patent protection in 150 major countries around the world. The material has passed the ROHS, FDA, evaluation for anti-mite activity, Antimicrobial activity test through the SGS test laboratory. We constantly modify and improve it, continue to improve the quality of life through innovation customers.


To compare with memory foam and latex material, We have following advantage:


Antibacterial & Anti-Mite


Thermal Storage 

Water permeability 

Temperature resistance 

Hygroscopicity and permeability

Toxic Volatilization 


Aging Resistance 


Features of The Mesh Silicone Rubber

You will find the pros of our material from the below video.

Elasticity Comparison

In this video, we show you the elasticity comparison of three pilow materials currently on the market. Mesh silicone rubber pillow give you the experience of elasticity between memory foam and latex.

Memory Foam Pillow
Slow Rebound, Restore to original after 3~5 seconds

Latex Pillow
Too High elasticity, Strong support but too much rebound

Mesh Silicone Rubber Pillow
Middle elasticity, full support and very soft touch feeling

We have passed RoHS,FDA,Anti-mite CertifiCations,Anti bacteriostatic Certifications,and patented.

8000+ sqm workshop,18+ years manufacturing experiences.

Automatic CNC cutting equipment

Professional technical team, provide from design to production services.