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Memory foam mattress? That\'s so last night

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-14
If you have been buying a mattress for a year or two, you will get some surprises.
Memory foam bed that used to look so novel?
This is definitely mainstream now.
Latex is the preferred hot material.
This is not all the changes.
Choose to grow exponentially. -
Especially on the luxury side. -
Same price.
Today, with the traditional inner spring, you will find that more and more professional mattresses are made of low allergy latex foam, gel, organic wool and cotton, and even magnets (
Fan of magnet therapy)
Not to mention the sticky bullet memory foam and adjustable airbags that have attracted so much attention.
Many of these orders are $1,500 to $4,000 for a queen.
Manufacturers have also added an expensive layer of latex or memory foam to the traditional inner spring series, creating a plush hybrid model.
Yes, mixed bed.
\"It used to be rock
Hard beds sell a lot, \"said Larry Miller, co-founder and president of Sit \'n Sleep, which owns 18 megabytes.
Stores in Southern California.
\"Today we sell a lot of plush beds with supports, a lot of latex, a lot of memory foam, a lot of Air Products and a new type of inner spring with latex or memory foam, or a combination of foam.
\"According to the International Association of Sleep Products, one of the seven mattresses sold for $1,000 or more in 2001.
In the last year with statistics, the figure rose by 2005 to 5-1.
Two trends are converging: Advances in mattress technology and an aging baby boomers are willing to spend money on premium products.
Todd Mark, senior editor of Consumer Reports, said: \"At about 50, your body is really starting to change in sensitivity to stress points . \" He\'s from the magazine recently.
He says changes can even be felt at the age of 40.
\"10 years ago you found that the comfortable mattress might not be that comfortable anymore.
You might want more padding.
\"In the past, doctors and bedding professionals thought that a sturdy mattress was the best fit for the back. Not anymore.
Today, the combination of support and comfort is considered ideal--
The best feeling for everyone.
For many people, especially as they grow older, the best thing to feel is a mattress that is a bit \"paying.
\"Professional beds are right here.
The elastic and latex foam conforms to the curve of the body, absorbs the movement of the shoulders and hips and relieves the pressure points.
Many in the mattress industry are particularly excited about latex, which is elastic and feels cooler than memory foam.
It also has a natural low sensitivity and dust resistance. mite resistant.
\"One of the reasons it\'s popular is that it\'s the best of both worlds,\" said Sealy spokesman David Mullen . \".
Latex \"is more of an internal spring that can reduce the pressure points and provide you with personal support.
\"Another material that appears on more beds this year is elastic gel.
Mattress with gel layer (think Dr.
Sauer insole)
It is said to distribute the weight evenly and provide the comfort benefits of the foam.
Then you have a free bed (
There is usually double control to accommodate the comfort level of each sleeper)
And handmade organic mattress
Tufted wool and cotton, which can be supported and naturally ventilated in a soft way.
These special beds are launched and supported by smaller independent mattress manufacturers, some of which have been very successful. Tempur-
Pedic launched its memory foam bed in its early 90 s;
Today is the fourth.
The largest mattress manufacturer in the United StatesS.
According to the Furniture/Today magazine, after Sealy, Simmons and Serta, before the air in the spring.
The choice is comfortable, which makes the adjustable air mattress, which is not available. 6.
According to sleep data, professional mattresses accounted for nearly 10% of the beds sold in 2005, accounting for 22% of the bed consumption, an increase of nearly 30% over the previous year.
Product Association.
\"My guess is that in the end they will be half the market,\" says Miller of Sit \'n Sleep . \".
\"As the baby boomers grow older, they are more sensitive to things about these bed addresses.
\"Mainstream mattress manufacturers have also joined in.
Sealy has introduced a product line of latex, memory foam and adjustable air that the company has reported on
It has doubled its specialty.
Mattress sales in 2006.
It opened its own latex factory last year.
Simmons also has LaTeX, memory foam and adjustable air as well as gel layers.
Serta offers a memory foam and a sofa bed.
But the health of these upscale beds is not all.
Silk, cashmere, camel fillings, white wax, brass hardware, tick-and-tick made from the Belgian logo or woven with a metal thread.
Wang\'s bridal bed, launched by Serta last year, weaves a holographic line to get a glowing effect inspired by a wedding dress.
Italy\'s Magniflex will open a showroom in Manhattan this month for 22-karat-gold-
A $24,000 covered mattress with a $1,000 gold pillow.
Then there is Hastens, a Swedish manufacturer with showroom at the old Holmes bakery in Culver City and the Fashion Island mall in Newport Beach.
A $60,000 Mattress Set is provided, handmade from horse hair, cotton, linen, wool and linen.
It is said that sleeping on it is like resting on the cloud.
But for those of you whose wallets must be dirt, it\'s a premium mattress worth $2,000 ---
Not to mention $60,000?
Do you really sleep better?
Industry experts say only you can answer this question.
Some people find the basic spring mattress as comfortable as the more expensive model.
Others like to give a memory foam bed, a cushion support for euro
Spring on top or good-for-
Organic natural aura-fiber mattress.
They are willing to pay more to get it.
\"In terms of comfort, support and affordability, there is no mattress for everyone,\" said Nancy Shark, executive director of the Better Sleep committee.
\"This is personal preference. \"anne. colby@latimes. com*(
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Find a perfect mattress-
For Consumer Reports, testers lie down on different mattresses for 15 minutes and evaluate them.
The magazine then sent some beds home with testers to see how much they liked them over time.
Magazine found 15-
The minute test is an accurate prediction for a long time
Semester satisfaction
However, walking into a typical mattress store you will face the ocean of choice. Where to begin? 1. Evaluate needs.
People under pressure
Point sensitivity or extra weight, or people sleeping on the side do a good job with a rain plug mattress.
The low and the low.
Back pain may prefer moderate painfirm mattress.
Sleep is not recommended, but it is better to have a strong mattress in this case. 2. Research.
For an overview, visit the manufacturer\'s website.
Scan the online mattress retailer website for product information.
Look at the brick siteand-
Mortar stores that are planned to visit and pay attention to customer service policies. 3.
Decide on the budget.
For just $800, you can get a nice innerspring queen.
If you are interested in featured mattresses, you will pay more-
The better model is usually $1,500.
The warranty period for many professional beds is 20 years, not the usual 10 years. 4.
Shopping with partners.
You should choose a bed that is comfortable for both of you.
If a partner is a light sleeper, it may be a good choice to isolate and minimize the movement of the mattress.
Find a happy mattress for different hardness preferences, or consider an adjustable inflatable bed. (
See the story about mattress material. )5. Take the 15-minute test.
Wear comfortable clothes
Take off your shoes at the store.
Try the mattress above, below and within your price range.
If you usually sleep by your side, test the mattress like this in the store. 6.
Ask for information.
Shops sometimes have cutaway that shows the inside look of the mattress.
If the salesperson is vague about the details, please check the spec sheet for the store.
If you want to compare the store, find a mattress you like, and then find other materials that are similar to the comfort level. 7.
Get the best price.
The regular price and sales price of the mattress may be more than $1,000.
If a model is not sold, ask if you can get the sale price now.
Some shops will negotiate.
Ask what is included: box spring, frame, delivery, installation and mattress removal may be part of the deal. 8.
Buy Foundation.
Unless your box spring is new or you sleep on the platform bed, it\'s better to replace the box spring.
If you buy a high mattress, consider a low mattress.
Spring of material box. 9.
Understand the return policy.
Some retailers accept returns within a certain period of time;
Others are not allowed to do so at all.
Ready to pay a high restocking fee. 10. Expect a break-in period.
In the first few weeks, the fill will be compressed.
You may not need to flip the mattress (
In any case, most people have padding at the top)
But manufacturers recommend spinning it to keep the economy depressed.
The warranty covers defects and drops of 1 1/2 or more instead of normal settlement. --
Annie Colby: OK, bad, whether you want to stick to the traditional spring mattress or try a special bed, here are some things you should know about each type, what\'s new in the market and what to look for when shopping. [
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