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He ate a piece of cantaloupe and balanced it on the bread.
The cheese Costa here is not as rich as Auvergne.
Things are still reasonable there.
This is city life for you.
He remembers his father saying in the letter that he shook his head when Serge Durand was recorded as a civil servant.
HeEUROd sighed in the gap in his front teeth, supporting the barn with hishayfork. EUR[Pound)City life, boy! ThatEUROs shit!
Osal heEUROd said euro before spitting on the barn door and going in with the farm dog for breakfast.
When the valley appeared in the light, Sergei stood there.
The fog above the trees is getting thinner, and the sound of the cowbells jingles like hundreds of churches, calling them tomass.
His mother cried calmly, to put it simply. EUR[Pound)
You need a suit now. EUR City life.
His parents came to their wedding as if they were contracting.
The city is where they read it in the book.
After a night at the hotel, they returned to the old black city.
Sergei was afraid that his father would burp at dinner or pee on the street, which is also a habit for them at home.
He was grateful when they left.
Two years later, when Annick was pregnant, they went home.
His parents have given up sleeping on the huge mahogany bed.
Snuggle in a soft mattress and pillow.
Although she has been away for four months, she still loves it.
They slept like children until the milk carriage woke them up at six and then dozed off again before hearing his father call the dog.
The day before they were coming back, heEUROd took Anick to the plateau to show her where the fire clan and Mountain Violet grew.
Two dogs followed them in the village, a golden retriever and a non-hairy dog.
The Dogs of the hounds, squireEUROs teenageson and the dogs, belong to the local postman.
Serge is very happy to think of the rubbish they produce in Europe.
They were like a pair of comedians, plunged into the manger, cooled down from the heat, crossed the fields, and alarmed the Red Bull.
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