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My dirty secrets

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-03
It’s 12. 04am.
I\'m in the middle of a half. slide of sleep; the cotton-
More wool duvet with no weight thought.
My teeth are getting bigger.
I fell, my leg-
First, enter a dream. “Cate.
My husband is sitting next to me. “Wh? ”“Cate.
He did not fall asleep, apparently. “Wh?
\"I just found your Moon Cup under the pillow.
\"For those who have never seen the moon Cup, the Moon Cup is a kind . . . . . . Ladies, you can . . . . . . Ladies use there
Time, do. . . Madambusiness.
For some reason, I always seem to be losing them-and then finding them in unexpected places.
The second most embarrassing thing that happened to me was the one with my best friend-year-
The old son walked into the kitchen and wed my moon cup in his mouth, like a dummy.
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