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My husband of 18 years tried to gas me to death in my sleep when I told him I wanted a divorce

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-04
Threepita Ridgeway knew her husband had a bad idea-
But it was not until she filed a divorce with him that his true face really began to manifest. The 51-year-
The old man from Queensland, Australia, slept in a RV outside their house and woke up to a threatening hissing sound under the pillow.
Here she shares a shocking story about how her husband tried to poison her with wonderful numbers. . .
Robert, my 64-year-old husband, sat next to me and handed me a pen.
\"It makes financial sense,\" he explained . \" He asked me to sign complicated legal documents.
We have been married for 18 years, so it seems reasonable when he encourages me to reorganize our will so that if I die he will get all our property.
With three beautiful children, we had a great time together.
But Robert\'s fuse could be short.
We stayed in a hotel one day and when I asked him why he didn\'t bring me breakfast, he exploded very maliciously.
\"I will kill you . \"
I rushed downstairs in tears and met two of our friends in the lobby.
I sobbed and said to them, \"this marriage will not work . \"
Back home, we tried to start over, so I didn\'t think of that when Robert asked me to sign the document.
But then he got worse.
We had a fight one night and he grabbed me on the shoulder.
Trembling, I ran out of the room.
I told myself that this is not the person I love.
I called the Domestic Violence Hotline that night and they advised me to contact the divorce lawyer immediately.
I can\'t stand being on the same bed as him, and I sleep in 1967 vintage RV parked next to the house, where I feel comfortable.
Two weeks later, I sent Robert a short email.
\"I\'m going to divorce,\" I wrote . \"
\"I\'m going to see a lawyer on Monday.
\"Robert begged me to give him another chance that weekend.
He seemed desperate to break up our marriage again, so I agreed to visit a consultant with him.
I feel uneasy, but I still have a little hope that I can find Robert I am in love with again.
But we obviously couldn\'t save our marriage before the court session, so I met with a divorce lawyer.
Later that day I noticed Robert wandering around my RV.
He used to hang out in the yard, so I didn\'t think about anything.
I retreated outside the van that night and fell asleep.
But at two o\'clock A. M. I was woken up by the strange hiss coming under the pillow.
What is the noise?
I thought groggy.
I lay quietly for a moment and listened carefully.
Maybe the mouse is gnawing some cables, I think.
After getting up, I went out to check the back of the caravan and noticed a hose winding down from one of the windows.
When I got back inside, I lifted the mattress.
It\'s been taped to my pillow all the time.
However, I still saw a jersey stuffed in the vent to keep the air out of the way.
The hose is wound all the way to the garage and connected to the gas cylinder. Oh my God! I realised.
My husband wants to kill me!
I went back to the cylinder barefoot tipto with my toes and turned it off.
I was so scared that I rushed to my brother Sasha\'s place, which was only a short distance away from me.
Then I knocked at his window loudly until he woke up.
\"You must help me!
Robert . . . . . . He wanted to kill me . \"
I felt hysterical and couldn\'t say anything.
\"Are you having a nightmare? ” he asked. “No! ” I cried out.
In absolute panic, I don\'t even remember the emergency number being triple-0.
Finally, I managed to call the police and they said they were on their way.
Then Sasha and I went back to the team with the torch and I showed him the hose and the cylinder.
An hour later, Robert was arrested at our house, but he was released that afternoon.
Although he lives with relatives, the next few weeks are a living hell.
I changed the lock and installed the surveillance camera.
A month later, he was finally charged with attempted murder.
On June, Robert Wayne Ridgeway, 64, pleaded not guilty in the Supreme Court of Brisbane.
The court heard that the day after I filed a divorce with him, Robert tried to silently kill me and inject colorless and tasteless nitrogen into the rv I slept in.
He has been working on the substance online and searching for \"how to make it look like your wife had a stroke \".
\"There will be no warning,\" said prosecutor David Finch . \".
It took the jury more than an hour to find Robert guilty.
He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
I am very grateful that he was finally locked up.
Now, I want other women to be aware of these signs.
I would be happy if I could help a woman escape the abusive partner safely.
Disrespect and violence in a relationship will never be good.
Robert Ridgeway appealed his conviction.
In the verdict, Judge Glenn Martin called the attack \"ruthless \".
\"There was no remorse at all,\" he said . \" He added that if Mrs. Ridgeway did not wake up that night, \"she will most likely die from the air \".
After we told her husband that she had destroyed her parachute before, Victoria clear was almost dead.
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