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navigating baby product recalls

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-29
A long list of baby products was recalled in 2009.
But when it comes to recalls, how do you know when the provisions of the law need to be followed?
How many accidents can be avoided with just a little common sense?
Editor Kelly Ronniein-
Head of the collision
Com, answer some of these questions in the recall reality check.
She breaks down the severity of the recall, the most recalled product, and the safety of the child.
ABC News: Let\'s start with how important a product recall is.
Is it just that companies are trying to protect themselves or are they really imperative?
Carley Roney: to be aware of the consequences, parents should always pay attention to the recall of their children and their own products.
If it is reported that the injury resulted in a recall, and it is not just voluntary, then this is something that should be taken very seriously.
Cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Committee is also the responsibility of the company (CPSC)
If there is a problem with the consumer\'s product, notify them immediately.
The company wants to protect itself, of course.
ABC News: The biggest recall in the history of baby products at the beginning and end of 2009 ---
From baby crib to car seat.
What happened?
Roney: 2009 is the biggest baby crib recall ever.
Storks craft for many months. 1 million drop-
Recall side cribs from January 1993 to October 2009.
The problem is the drop of the crib.
Side plastic hardware that causes the debris to break or lose. The drop-
The sides can also be mounted upside down, which will cause it to separate and create a space between the track and the crib mattress to keep the child trapped, suffocated, and even fall.
Maclaren, the leading stroller company, recalled about 1 million strollers from 1999 to now.
When the stroller is unfolded or opened, the hinge mechanism poses a risk of amputation and tearing of the fingertips.
In the past 10 years, the hinge mechanism of the stroller has cut off the children\'s fingertips, with a total of 12 cases.
It\'s important to add that it doesn\'t matter when the kids are in the stroller.
ABC News: Are you a bad parent if you don\'t do anything?
Roney: all parents want their children to get the best, so it\'s better to be safe than sorry.
Take Action If you have a product that has been recalled.
Depending on the type of recall, whether your judgment is voluntary, what harm has been reported, some parents may choose to continue using the product or stop using it before receiving the company\'s repair kit.
Also, if there is an accident with the product you purchased, you must inform the company and the CPSC so that they can investigate and protect the public.
ABC News: When you own a product that has been recalled, sometimes the company will take out a repair bag or \"repair \".
\"Some products just replace a simple part ---
Like a screw, for example.
Can \"fix\" be trusted?
Roney: when the product is recalled, the manufacturer will distribute a free repair kit in the hope of fixing the problem.
For safety reasons, it is best not to use the product until you receive the repair kit.
Also look at the history of the manufacturer, is there a multiple recall of a particular product?
If so, then it would be better to try to return the item and get something else.
ABC News: It\'s also a problem to just hear the recall.
In addition to word of mouth and extensive media statements, what can parents do to make sure they know when something is wrong with their product?
Register your product.
This is a very simple thing.
You don\'t even need to mail your warranty or serial number.
Many companies allow you to sign up for a project online, and doing so ensures that you receive personal reminders if anything happens to the product you purchase.
Also subscribe to alerts.
You can subscribe to the recall alert feed on the bump. com.
This is a special section on the website that specifically updates information about the latest recall news from parents.
It also provides a sounding board for parents to express their concerns and opinions about these recalls.
You will also receive a special email
Our newsletter when we hear memories.
More tips on baby product recalls, United States of AmericaS.
Consumer Product Safety Committee. com.
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