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New mattress fire standards seen

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-15
Report: Federal Reserve\'s safety rules for flame
Resistant materials cost industry $100 a year. NEW YORK (CNN/Money)-
According to a report released on Monday, the Consumer Product Safety Committee is preparing to announce a new standard for mattress flammable by the end of October, which may cost $100 million a year.
S. today quoted Hal Stratton, chairman of CPSC, as saying that the new rules will require the use of flames
Wear-resistant materials in mattresses and furniture.
America\'s four largest economiesS.
Mattress manufacturers-
Seeley, Seta, Simmons and spring air-
All privately held companies.
According to the newspaper\'s report, a mattress fire killed nearly 500 people and injured 2,220 each year, while a upholstered furniture fire killed about 440 people and injured 1,100.
Ten years ago, the National Association of Fire bailiffs petitioned CPSC for safety standards for mattresses and furniture.
The paper said CPSC was recently criticized by security organizations for its standards.
It is reported that the agency will release a report on Monday to defend its relaxation of strict flammable rules in 1996.
It will show that none of the 213 children killed in the fire from March 2003 to June 2004 were wearing tight-fitting clothing
Suitable for sleeping wear.
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