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Newborn baby’s body found by shocked plumbers after ‘being flushed down toilet’ at clinic in Kerala, India

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-12
According to reports, a clinic in Kerala, India, the body of a newborn baby was found after being washed off the toilet by a shocked plumber.
When the workers noticed something that looked like a ball and tried to pull it out, they were trying to clear the blockage.
But they were shocked when they found out it was the head of a coupleday-
According to NDTV, there are still old girls with placenta attachment.
On Friday morning, Dr. Abdul Lehmann called the plumber and noticed that the toilet at the Palakkad district clinic was blocked.
Police believe that her parents had intended to bring her to consult, but she was washed out of the toilet for some reason.
However, investigators say that since the placenta is still intact, the mother may have given birth to her in the bathroom of the clinic.
Officials are understood to be checking records of all patients while trying to track down their parents.
The doctor reportedly filed a complaint that the baby\'s body was taken to the thrissur Medical School for treatment
\"The investigation is underway,\" police sources told NDTV.
We are analyzing these records, but we are not sure about her parents yet.
\"On January, the frightened cleaner found the body of a newborn baby wrapped in a plastic bag and hidden in the toilet of the plane. flight.
Indonesian police have arrested tot\'s mother.
Named the only Hani.
When the plane landed in Sugano, Jakarta
Hatta International Airport.
Last year, a new mother tried to flush the baby off the toilet before she could throw it into the hospital trash can before she could avoid jail.
Ashley haotzeander of Davenport, Iowa, said her child had died when she died after an accident. The 22-year-
Soon after, a hospital employee at the John colodon Pavilion found the old man\'s child in his pillowcase.
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