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OPeREAL Attend China Processing Trade Products Fair

OPeREAL Attend China Processing Trade Products Fair


The 11th China Processing Trade Products Fair 

According to plan, the 11th CPTPF will feature one themed exhibition and six professional exhibitions (“one plus six” mode) across a total display area of 50,000 square meters.

1. The themed exhibition consists of three parts:

a) Processing Trade Gradient Transfer Business Opportunities Exhibition. Representatives of major national destinations for processing trade gradient transfer and destinations for industrial transfer in the eastern, western and north parts of Guangdong will be invited to promote their business opportunities. This will help steer the gradient transfer of the processing trade. Key industrial parks established by Guangdong outside China will also promote themselves through the exhibition so that international capacity cooperation can be facilitated.

b) By building a design support platform, the Industrial Design Exhibition aims for the upgrade and innovative development of the processing trade enterprises.

c) Exhibition of the Planning and Processing Trade Innovation Achievements of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will display the Central Government’s strategic planning for the Greater Bay Area and the results achieved, with focus on the latest innovation achievements of the processing trade and the CPTPF in the past decade.

2. The six professional exhibitions are:

(1)International Smartphone and Mobile Terminal Industry Exhibition

(2)International Fashion Apparel and Accessories Exhibition

(3)International Fashion Bags, Suitcases, Shoes and Hats Exhibition

(4)International Food and Kitchenware Exhibition

(5)International Toys, Gifts, Juvenile Products and Home Accessories Exhibition

(6)International Logistics and Cross-border E-business Exhibition.            

We will be looking forward to your arrival in booth c4-21!  April 18-21, 2019

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