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Painting a Pillowcase

by:OPeREAL     2019-09-13
It\'s easy to draw a bed pillow and it\'s a great gift for holidays, birthdays, etc.
Items you need: a cardboard or shirt with a pillowcase and paint over wax on the bed, start painting the BoardIronWhite pillowcase by ironing the pillowcase.
If you do it for yourself, you can wash the pillowcase before painting it.
Next, I drew the end of the painting on the shirt drawing board.
I put a wax sheet between the pillowcase and the board.
This will help prevent the wet paint from messing around on the board.
Now I\'m going to start painting zebra stripes.
I just did it randomly at the opening of the pillowcase.
I draw one side first, let it dry, and then re-draw
Wear them coats and clean up the lines.
Continue to add more bars at the opening.
Go back and clean the stripes.
Once the first one dries, I turn the whole board over.
I put the waxed paper under the second side and repeat the process I did on the first side.
Allow the paint to dry for 24 hours.
After the paint is dry, it is time to heat the paint.
I took the pillowcase off the board and wax it with wax paper.
I then put the painted part of the pillowcase in the ironing area.
I heated the iron to the heat of cotton.
When I place the iron, I place a white pillowcase at the top of the area.
Do not place the iron directly on the top of the painting area, there is no fabric between the painting area and the iron.
Keep moving the iron for about 15 seconds.
To prevent the pillowcase from burning, make sure the pillowcase is kept moving.
Let the pillowcase cool.
Now you can put the pillow inside.
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