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phone bed

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-24
Even mobile phones require downtime for rest and charging.
Give your phone a place to sleep in your own bed, which is the best place to keep your phone in when lights out.
This funny bed is more than just a doll.
The size of the decoration, there is actually a soft mattress made of a computer mouse pad, which can eliminate the vibration caused by any change when you sleep.
If you are one of those people who can\'t sleep without a phone around, then you may be woken up by the buzzing sound of your phone after dark.
There is a soft bed for your digital friends, no more noisy night notifications!
I digitally designed this bed frame with CAD software and then cut it with a laser cutting machine.
I made this design big enough to go from flip to almost all types of phones
Even the biggest smartphone.
Download here the CAD file shown in this description.
First of all, I measured the overall size of the phone and drew a bed frame suitable for myself.
I then zoomed in the length and width of the design so that the bed can accommodate phones of almost any size.
Computer-aided design (CAD)
Software makes this simple.
In CAD programs, the size of the bed is laid using very basic bed frame shapes.
Considering that most phones have a charging cable at the bottom of the device, I opened a port at the foot of the bed to accommodate almost any type of charger.
I wanted a gorgeous design so I searched the baroque design for inspiration.
I grabbed some images from my search and found them in CAD, then pieced together some designs until I was happy with the results.
Download here the CAD file shown in this description.
I brought my * After the design was completed *.
Dwg CAD file import core LDraw, interface software of laser cutting machine.
After laser cutting the workpiece, remove it from the mother material, the edges and openings are cleaned up by burrs and debris, and the surface is polished smoothly.
Apply the wood glue Dabs to the connecting surface and then assemble the bed.
Use the clip and keep the frame dry.
The frame is done with Danish oil, it is a tough water
Finish resistant.
The oil is rubbed on the frame with a rag and then left in the wood for soaking.
The internal dimensions of the bed frame were measured and cut into shapes.
My bed frame was designed to accommodate the charging cord at the bottom of the phone, so I made a small gap at the bottom of the mattress to get the rope through the opening on the bed frame.
We can stop here and prepare an acceptable bed for our phone, but let\'s take it a step further for our brand --believe bed.
I wrapped the mattress in discarded cloth and glued the corner with heat.
Cover with a trendy piece of discarded fabric and make faux sheepskin with a fluffy piece of fabric.
A pillow was omitted because I wanted the phone to lie flat on the bed.
With the phone bed next to the human bed, both of you can have a good sleep.
Plug in the phone to charge, turn off the screen and turn off the lights.
You and your favorite device are safely hidden inside, and you two will certainly be fully charged in the morning.
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