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Plan to Fight Bedbugs Includes Mattress Rules

by:OPeREAL     2019-08-16
In an effort to combat bed bugs, City Council members have introduced various legislation, including regulations on the sale and disposal of mattresses.
A proposal requires that each mattress be sold with a container labeled \"used mattress --
For disposal only, \"is used when the mattress is discarded.
The sale of refurbished mattresses will be completely prohibited in the other item.
In addition, there is a wider
Based on suggestions, including efforts to establish a task force and a training program to eliminate urban bed bugs.
On Tuesday afternoon, the municipal council\'s Consumer Affairs, Health and Health Commission held a joint hearing to discuss the various proposals that Gaelic a basically supported.
Brewer, Member of Parliament from Upper West Side.
Among those who testified were delegates from the Urban Health and Mental Health Department, the health department and housing agencies, as well as exterminators and entomologists (
Louis Sorkin, including the American Museum of Natural History).
To a large extent, pesticides have eliminated bed bugs, but at the end of 1980, entomologists began to be reminded to pay attention to infections on the spot.
Now, infection may have been close to the level it was 50 years ago before using DDT.
According to city records, bug complaints doubled between 2006 and 311 to 2008, more than 22,000.
In 2007 and 2008 alone, the number of calls increased by 34%.
Although the city has tried modest educational activities, education in other cities is more aggressive, especially in Cincinnati and Toronto.
Cincinnati and surrounding Hamilton County formed a joint task force for bed bugs and published a report 【pdf]
Including various legislative proposals.
Where: The landlord is required to disclose whether the apartment was previously infected, a mandatory processing agreement for the sale of old furniture, the creation of a central database in which the extinct must be involved in order to track the information throughout the city.
The Toronto Public Health Department has created a comprehensive bug website with an overview in 13 languages, and six places where bed bug samples can be obtained for identification.
By contrast, public education in New York City is lower.
Basically, for residents, hotels and exterminators, this can be attributed to a single fact sheet in English and Spanish.
\"I feel like it\'s far from enough in a city with a population of 8 million, which is a bit gentle,\" Ms. Brewer said.
\"There are only two languages. ”Ms.
Brewer is optimistic about the formation of a task force, despite considerable controversy on specific issues, such as mattress legislation.
\"I\'m glad all the questions are out there,\" she said in an interview at the hearing.
This is an urban health department, a public housing agency, a police department (
Because it\'s everywhere in prison.
Health Department (
Because it involves the handling of furniture)
And consumer affairs department.
\"You have to do this as a collaborative effort,\" she said . \".
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I woke up one morning and looked at the walls, bugs and cockroaches playing with the ball, the score was three to zero, the cockroaches were in front, a bug hit a homer, hit me off the bed! (
I know, I just actually dated myself)
It is a good idea to ban the sale of used or refurbished mattresses in NYS.
I remember in the early morning I saw some men sitting on a pickup truck collecting old mattresses from the side of the road while they were working at night delivery drivers.
I also work for a furniture company and any returned or used mattresses are sent to a mattress factory in Brooklyn to recycle and resell at a discount shop in New York!
Illegal immigration is prohibited.
The bug problem is over. Annie—
This happens about the same time they have ice cream shops in hell!
Illegal immigrants are prohibited from entering the country, Annie.
That\'s why they have the word \"illegal\" in their names.
We moved out of Manhattan because of bugs.
You can\'t get rid of them once they\'re in the apartment building.
They can always live between the floors, the Wall sand under the roof.
We had to leave some good furniture in the apartment when we moved. .
Diatomaceous earth will keep them in a controlled state, but even if they are independent-
Homeowners can pay tens of thousands of dollars to eliminate pests.
They are more powerful than cockroaches.
Good luck to New Yorkers! Annie-
Bed bugs were found in upscale hotels and Louis Vuitton luggage. Ban all travel!
PS immigrants don\'t usually spend the night in high-end hotels or carry expensive luggage.
JeezAnnie\'s comments are exclusive.
Bed bugs are pests with equal opportunities.
As long as you live in a favorable climate, they don\'t care which country you are in, how much money you have, and the color of your skin.
As bugs survive in this climate, they will continue to be a problem for the city.
Even if we can get rid of bed bugs in the city for the time being, they will continue to come back with the travelers (
Read this and travelers don\'t have to leave the country to come back with bugs).
It seems we need to develop a double-
Double penetration.
We first make a plan to reduce the current pest to a minimum, and then make a plan to keep the pest at a minimum over time.
At least landlords, tenants, laundries, hotels, pest control and the city government are required to participate.
I live in a building with a bug problem.
Yes, it took three years to get rid of it and two years to control it.
You have to be diligent and hire a licensed pest removal company to submit and spray once a week
Weekly, then monthly, and finally quarterly.
During the spraying process, you must inform all rental r in the building to comply with the reported structure set up, when there is a report that tries to save the worm you see after spraying, companies hired can now keep exactly what they spray (
In terms of the strength of the spray.
It was a long process, but it was finally controlled here and everyone was happy.
We never lost a bed or sofa and passed it.
Fortunately, this is all achieved through vigilant tenants and good information provided by companies interested in solving problems, not just making money.
Interested in doing the job, not just making money.
Hope you have a question and answer function for bugs like entomologist Luis Sorkin.
Here are some of the questions I would like to ask: What role have I been trying to play since I heard about this new bug issue --if any —
Public laundromat/public laundry, etc.
Could there be bug spreading?
Will bedding or eggs stick to bedding?
Do they survive the washing cycle?
Especially if the water at the beginning was not hot enough (
Or the washing machine is set to a permanent pressure bed. )?
Some people seem to be using them to sort out their dirty baskets (! )laundry —
Then some of the others used to transport clean laundry to the dryer and/or dryer (to fold)?
I have no bed bugs at home or in town.
I guess it\'s wise to stay away from New York!
Last weekend, I was in Chelsea\'s doctor\'s office and saw a bug crawling out of the couch in the waiting room and climbing up my trouser legs.
Needless to say, I took the bug, threw him outside, went to the bathroom to get rid of my clothes, scrubbed my clothes with needles, and then made sure he was the only one
Dressed and standing for the rest of my wait.
I think doctors offices, coffee shops and other meeting places are virus nodes and cities should seriously consider their efforts to stop the tide of carriages.
In this frenetic town, the bed is probably the only safe haven.
Take it away and you can start to understand the hell of Cimex lectularius.
A major obstacle to effectively addressing this huge problem is that New York City puts businesses first.
How else can you explain the delay in dealing with this?
Mattress manufacturers should have regulations.
Who doesn\'t know the anecdote of the mattress company picking up an infected mattress on a truck full of \"new\" mattresses?
Is there a requirement for mattress sales to ensure that the mattress is free?
Most people also know that parts of infected mattresses can be reused to make new mattresses.
Then the landlord.
Tell future tenants that the apartment being infected is not good for the business, but this is the right thing to do.
New Yorkers pay enough rent.
The landlord should put some of them in the maintenance of the property-proactive.
We can\'t wait for the mattress company, the landlord and the hotel to do the right thing, especially if it requires money.
Politicians need to stand up.
Are we still in the dark?
Bed bugs are active on college campuses across the United States.
We just spent a month and $1000 and after the son took them home we took them out of the room.
When we put his stuff on the back porch, they survived for a week at cold temperatures.
We brought it in and they came back.
Throw the bed, the quilt sheets and everything.
They were found on power outlets and walls. Nasty bugs.
Not a major detail, but I don\'t think the proposed container is meant to throw out the new mattress but the old one you are replacing.
Otherwise, in New York, where could you keep the mattressContainer size?
I bit the mosquito wrong. the bug bit it wrong.
I found all the cotton zip mattress covers and bed bug eggs guaranteed to be bugs online (made in the U. S. no less)
I ordered it before I realized it was a mosquito bite.
But I kept the cover just in case.
I also bought some for my lower pillow and I traveled with it.
So now I feel safe and I\'m in a preventive mode.
But when I get home from any trip, I still check the creases on my luggage to make sure I don\'t bring any bugs home.
Before entering the motel, I also need to thoroughly check my motel bed.
Illegal immigration is prohibited.
The bug problem is over. âx80x94 Annie —————————————————-
Sorry Annie, most of the premium hotels in major cities around the world are also available.
Places where illegal immigrants are found to sleep are generally not.
Check your luggage when you go home.
Of course, I don\'t want you to replace another paranoia with one.
Have fun in Cancun! ! ! !
For landlords who rent houses and re-rent houses, what should they do with special punishment?
Rent the free market apartment they know and bring bugs to the unsuspecting tenants?
Unsuspecting tenant moving into bed bugs
Infected apartments will have to spend a large sum of money to clean, replace or store infected items in sealed packaging for up to 2 years, in addition to the cost of finding and moving into a new apartment, unscrupulous landlords can refuse to let her out of the lease.
It\'s just about focusing on expenses, not even on emotional costs.
In New York, have you ever seen a run-down van with dozens of mattresses on it?
They searched the streets of Manhattan for mattresses discarded in garbage. e. g.
This photo is from New York. org/wp-
Content/theme month/rotor/mattressvaninnyc.
What a dirty business it is.
I said it was forbidden to sell old mattresses. Bedbugs?
Charlie, No.
They took my thumb, Charlie. it hurts so much . . . . . . I\'m recovering from a huge bug infection.
It apparently grew up in two years.
It was too late this fall when I realized my apartment was infected.
They had two chairs and my sofa and climbed around my apartment.
I will kill them when they climb up my wall, full of blood --mine. It was hell!
Through my own efforts and the tools provided by a landlord, I wiped them out.
I don\'t know where they came from, but now I know what to look. Beware!
Mark, at 7: 49 p. m. , at least you have bed bugs with a higher education. Bringback DDT.
The fraudulent \"Silent Spring\" led to the introduction of the ban, which killed millions of people around the world.
It does no harm to people, unlike
In the face of scientific facts, the DDT disease continues until today.
The death of many people, the pain of billions of people, can be placed in Rachel Carson and-
Human \"environmental activists\" who take our \"best intentions\" to heart \".
I live in a college apartment in New York.
They brought furniture but the mattress was definitely not new.
You will think that since it is run by the university, they will at least provide a new mattress when new tenants move in.
I was like an idiot and had a friend stay with me for a few weeks and he had bed bugs in his luggage.
Not to mention his cat peeing on my couch!
I just had treatment on the 12 th.
I had to completely change my bed, mattress and spring.
I still see bb on my wall but not on the furniture.
I don\'t think this nightmare will ever end.
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